17 Powerful Drawings With Minimal Colors But Maximum Sense

2 years ago

Tango Gao is an artist from Shanghai who became popular on social media thanks to his laconic illustrations. In 2010, he started to publish caricatures of acquaintances as entertainment but unexpectedly attracted a wide audience with his drawings.

Tango continued to please subscribers after becoming inspired by animals and objects of everyday life. According to him, such simple but informative stories help people to relax, distracting them from the city’s fuss and to help them feel the beauty in the world.

Bright Side collected a few illustrations from Tango just for you. Some of them will make you smile, while others will make you think. In any case, they will not leave anyone feeling indifferent, we are sure of that. At the end of the article, check out the bonus image that features a short but interesting cartoon by the same artist.

17. It’s all about jazz!

16. The art of playing cards.

15. “What’s going on here?”

14. “How to be a fortune cat. ”

13. Everyone has a ticklish spot.

12. “Bored at home.”

11. “Heart breaking is your most beautiful moment.”

10.“Good partner.”

9. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

8. Modern bull fight.

7. “Friendship is fearless.”

6. Recycle it in a proper way.

5. Feel the difference.

4. “New Year’s gym rush.”

3. Lol-keeper.

2. I have a dream.

1. “All-time high.”

Bonus: a cartoon.

Tango’s followers are sure that his comics have a therapeutic effect. What do you think about them? Did you like the artist’s illustrations? What kind of emotions did they evoke in you? Please let us know your answers in the comments!


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