15 People Whose Looks Drastically Changed

2 weeks ago

Everyone’s bound to change physically throughout the years. Whether because they simply grew up or because they fought hard for those changes, some folks transform into brand-new people. Proud of the results, they turn to social media to leave others mind-blown with their before-and-after.

1. “I lost 50kg in 8 months. It changed my life in so many ways.”

2. “My journey over the years, from 21 to 36 years old.”

3. “My wife at 10 and now”

4. “Me in my late 20s vs me at almost 40”

5. “17 to 21 years old”

6. “Lost 150 pounds. Before age 33. After age 39.”

7. “From 14 to 19 years old”

8. “From 14 to 21 years old. Consider me pretty confused.”

9. “21 vs 29. I lost 100lbs!”

10. “I know I’m not a model now but based off my starting point I’m pretty happy.”

11. “I feel like I’m aging backwards.”

12. “17 to 31, after braces and jaw surgery.”

13. “From 16 to 22”

14. There are only 6 years between the photos.

15. “My mom gave me that haircut.”

Some people change so much physically that they get in trouble. A woman was forced to renew her passport after being constantly pulled over at airports because of how different she looked. She told her story on TikTok and quickly went viral.

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