A Woman Is Forced to Renew Her Passport After Constantly Being Interrogated Over Plastic Surgery

8 months ago

A British woman has found herself in an awkward spot during all of her recent travels because of her new look. The 28-year-old took to TikTok to vent about how she’s getting a new passport because she’s tired of being pulled over for interrogation in airports, and detailed how she transformed herself.

Joanne Prophet turned to the ultimate measure in order to get people to stop questioning her identity whenever she leaves her home country: getting a brand-new passport. According to her, she gets “interrogated everytime [she] flies” because airport and airline staff simply can’t believe she’s the same person as the one on her passport photo.

It’s especially troubling in foreign countries. In an interview, the beautician recalled a scary experience in Turkey. “I got pulled into a room for about an hour and got interrogated by about six Turkish men. So, obviously that was a massive concern,” she said. “Then when I flew back to Manchester, they had to keep looking at the picture, and they said you need to get this rectified, cause it looks nothing like you, and this is why you keep getting pulled.”

Although frustrating, the 28-year-old jokingly recognized the root of all her traveling troubles on TikTok, with a short clip showing her 10-year transformation through her passport photos. She admitted she had a “proper glow-up.”

But the “glow-up” took years to achieve and the mother of two wasn’t shy about sharing exactly what she did to get it. Joanne has had a nose job, two boob jobs and her teeth done. But the list of cosmetic procedures doesn’t stop there. It also includes redefining her features with chin and lip filler, fat dissolving injections and skin boosters, with some hair extensions and fake eyelashes to complete her new look.

Becoming unrecognizable can happen to anyone, even to some of the most popular stars on the planet. The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence found herself in a similar situation recently. Jennifer Lawrence’s last public appearance sparked some controversy, with many asking themselves what happened to her face.


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