20 Cheerful People Who Can Find Fun Anywhere, Even in a Hospital

2 years ago

“Going to a hospital is rather like going to an alien planet,” Quentin Blake once said. And for some people, it’s a kind of an extraordinary experience full of new discoveries and adventures, especially for those who never lose their sense of humor in any situation. And what’s more, is they don’t only see the funny side of things, but they also infect others with their optimistic attitude.

Bright Side has found some of these optimistic people who proved to us that you can always have a good time wherever you are at the moment.

1. “The wall decor in my fertility doctor’s office”

2. “Had to give my phone to the nurse when I went into my surgery. Woke up to this gem.”

3. “Spoon artwork at my doc’s office”

4. “This eye chart at the vet this morning”

5. “25 years of cat damage in a vet’s office”

6. “A sign located between an emergency vet and an urgent care center”

7. “A surgeon glove Christmas tree”

8. “My mother-in-law received this flower bouquet after her surgery.”

9. “The sterilization and equipment center has a rubber chicken to call for attention.”

10. “The ceiling at my vet had paws on it.”

11. “This very friendly filtration machine in one of the surgery rooms at work”

12. “This artwork made from IV medication caps hanging in the ICU of a local hospital”

13. “This 7-foot tall gingerbread house at a nursing home”

14. “This nurse-in-training mermaided their sim.”

15. “My doctor drew a smiley face on my foot bandages after surgery.”

16. “Waiting at the eye doctor and a 95-year-old lady is giving everyone homemade potholders because it makes her happy. Made my day.”

17. “This sign at my doctor’s office”

18. “This nose lamp at my ear, nose, and throat doctor’s office”

19. “The radiology waiting room in a local hospital has the usual stock floral decor, except...they’re X-rays.”

20. “My wife had her X-ray taken by a giraffe.”

Have you seen any cheerful doctors yourself? Do you believe that even a little drop of humor can be a good remedy? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Preview photo credit HankDroppendeuce / reddit


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