17 Ingenious Inventions You Likely Never Knew Could Exist

2 years ago

It will come as a surprise to many, but scientists say that most inventions happen by accident when no one expects them. For example, someone can drop something on the floor, break it, then think of a revolutionary method to prevent these types of accidents. This means that any one of us can invent something new if we keep our minds engaged.

Bright Side would love to share these 17 inventions and first-time creations that can be very useful in everyday life.

1. “My sink has a light that changes depending on the temperature.”

2. “A smart car with a snowplow”

3. “This hybrid lamp/wireless smartphone charger I made for my design thesis”

4. “A pizza button on my hotel phone”

5. “This grocery cart has a drink holder to hold coffee cups while you shop.”

6. “A carpeted indoor pool for the kids to play in”

7. “In Germany, you can buy ketchup and mayonnaise combined in a single tube, a bit like striped toothpaste.”

8. “Supermarkets in Spain have parking spaces for shopping carts.”

9. “My grandad’s inventive use of old shower doors”

10. “This old phone box repurposed as a defibrillator point”

11. “This bus stop has phone chargers.”

12. “Compost bags shipped in their own box”

13. “This store in Poland allows you to buy frozen veggies and dumplings in bulk and weigh them instead of taking home prepackaged boxes.”

14. “A typewriter for music”

15. “A perfect tip jar system”

16. A stroller that fits parents with disabilities perfectly

17. “This toaster’s cord has a finger pull.”

What is the most genius design you’ve ever seen? Was it something you or someone you know created or something you found at an online store?

Preview photo credit Yoocanfind.com, VEDAHtheDJ / reddit


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