20 People Shared Their Hacks That We Would Use Right Now

2 years ago

Routine actions can sometimes take too much time, especially if we don’t have the proper tools. Luckily for us, our brain has a natural tendency to always look for various solutions. You don’t always need special knowledge or abilities to overcome an obstacle — good old common sense mixed with a pinch of creativity will be enough. However, some people have already found amazing ways to simplify and improvise everyday tasks and were kind enough to share them with us.

We at Bright Side love helpful tips and tricks that make our life easier. Because of that, we’re sure you’ll regret not having known these hacks before.

1. “My girlfriend marks the hard boiled eggs like this.”

2. A cheap way to cool down your laptop

3. “My 71-year-old mother tapes a plastic cup on those hotel hair dryers.”

4. Why would anyone bother holding a phone in their hands?

5. “Use your window as a fridge in your room so you have cold water instead of it getting warm sitting next to the bed.”

6. “Cut a Jack in my cutting board so it can dry in the sink and weld-marked a circle where garlic is allowed.”

7. “McDonald’s life hack”

8. “Just discovered that the lid of the hummus I bought doubles as a decorative holder. An actual life hack!”

9. “Don’t throw away old candles. Instead, put them on ’keep warm’ mode on a coffee maker to melt and reuse them.”

10. “Can’t find a stand for your mic? Use a hockey stick instead.”

11. “Save old Christmas cards and cut out the pictures to use them as gift tags!”

12. Band-Aid falling down from your finger? Not anymore with this hack!

13. “Made a ’tree bong’ to make watering my Christmas tree easy because it’s barricaded due to my rabbits.”

14. One more Christmas hack in case your tree is too small for the stand...

15. “My hat makes my teapot both cooler and keeps it warmer at the same time.”

16. “If you’re moving, you can use this method to easily transport all the clothes that you hang.”

17. Fed up with tangled cables? Turn them into a wall decoration.

18. Fix a zipper that won’t stay up with a small elastic band.

19. “I don’t have a meat tenderizer, so I improvised.”

20. “Use a spray nozzle to disperse sauces.”

Which of these hacks did you find the most useful? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Haggadaggada/reddit


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