15+ Men Who Proved That Their Solo Apartments Can Be Cozy Too

3 years ago

It’s widely believed that only a woman can make a place cozy while a single man is doomed to live in a place full of trash and dirty socks. In reality, this stereotype is so old that we need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

At Bright Side, we found 17 facts that prove this stereotype is wrong.

1. First living space I’m really proud of.

2. “I never had my own room or bed for 23 years. I just moved out and this was my first purchase for my room.”

3. “I was recently widowed, but doing OK all things considered. I’m filling the void with houseplants and bikes.”

4. “My ex-girlfriend took the couch. I finally got the couch I always wanted.”

5. “I made the coffee table, the console table behind the couch, and mounted the plant bar from a steel pipe myself. I also had to paint the window trim black for a more dramatic look.”

6. “I spent a few weeks decorating my living room.”

7. “I just redid the bedroom after my ex moved her stuff out, and I moved all my stuff back in. I just need a bed frame and it’s done.”

8. “I finally finished my desk space in my new apartment.”

9. “Dad and I built a floating bed.”

10. “My wife had an affair with a gym trainer. We sold our house and got a divorce. Here’s my solo one bedroom apartment for a while.”

11. “After years of living in moldy basements with crappy roommates, I finally have a nice place to myself.”

12. “I’m newly single and made some serious investments in my living space. I’m very happy with my bedroom.”

13. “I moved out of my ex’s place and made a better living room for myself.”

14. “We turned the upper floor of our warehouse into a decent living space for 4 single men.”

15. “After a divorce and move, and being left with no furniture I present my first solo apartment.”

16. “My little sanctuary”

17. “My first place, it’s not completely finished but at least the cat enjoys it!”

Are there any single men among your friends? What does their living space look like? Tell us in the comments below.

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love the idea of a bad with LED lights behind it ❤
now I want something similar


It looks cozy but still not flattering to me. I know a few men who lives alone and have extremley messy places. We must admit that women are doing way much better.


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