15 Images That Show Coincidence Can Happen to Anyone at Any Moment

2 years ago

A stray dog that matches the carpet and a sun that looks exactly like a stop sign are just 2 examples out of many that prove coincidences do happen. However, we need to be lucky enough to be there and act fast to take a photo of them as proof.

People shared images of when they stumbled upon a coincidence and we at Bright Side had to share them with all of you.

1. “The couch is not excited by this idea.”

2. “The sun where I’m sitting, looks like a giant stop sign in the sky.”

3. “I accidentally dressed like the chair at my dentist appointment today.”

4. These 2 cars swapped doors.

5. “Thrilling chase underway here...”

6. “We found a stray dog and he mostly matches our carpet.”

7. “My drink matches the walls at this coffee shop.”

8. “A literal ‘light switch.’ The sun from my window lined up almost perfectly on my light switch.”

9. “This car is painted to match the RV pulling it.”

10. “Just noticed that the wall painting in my room lines up with an outside tree branch from a certain angle.”

11. “This tomato cluster in my grandfather’s garden has all the stages of growth of a tomato.”

12. “Spotted a license plate with an accurate weather forecast.”

13. “These ice cubes in my orange juice resemble a paw.”

14. “While making breakfast I got 4 eggs in a row with 2 yolks each!”

15. “This photo of my now divorced aunt tore coming out of the frame.”

Have you ever seen a coincidence? Maybe you have a photo to share with us.

Preview photo credit neontreeslime / reddit


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