15+ Thrift Hunters Whose Sharp Eyes Caught the Tiniest of Treasures

2 years ago

A sewing machine you can hold in the palm of your hand, a skillet big enough to fry only 1 egg, or an alarm clock so tiny that it can easily get lost in your purse — these are not imaginary artifacts from fairy tales, but the real life things people were lucky enough to find at thrift stores.

A good purchase doesn’t have to be big, and 16 thrift store finds we selected for you here at Bright Side prove it better than words.

1. A tiny travel-size alarm clock

2. “A tiny Casio synth in the best pastel colors”

3. “I love miniatures and tiny things. This adorable briefcase was only $0.50. I believe it’s for business cards.”

4. “2 miniature cast iron skillets — each one is big enough for one egg. Found at a garage sale for $1 each.”

5. “A tiny brass perfume bottle — I added the chain since the original one was missing.”

6. “Just nabbed this sweet-looking tiny lamp at my local flea market.”

7. “$4 at an estate sale got me this absolutely adorable set of copper miniatures!”

8. “A miniature tea set that even has 2 candles!”

9. “I couldn’t pass on the cutest miniature wicker furniture.”

10. We wonder how the food tastes when you cook it in such a tiny cocotte.

11. “Found this miniature, fully functioning Marshall guitar amp for $5!”

12. “This tiny sewing machine for $1.50”

13. “Travel size Scrabble, $4 — the quarter is for scale.”

14. “Picked up this ginger kitty in this tiny frame for $0.25!”

15. “I found this tiny old glass lantern at Goodwill for $2.99.”

16. “For years, I was always tempted by miniature chairs at thrift shops, and then one day I finally bought 9 of them.”

Do you practice thrift hunting? What is your best or most interesting thrift find so far?

Preview photo credit Reality_Rose/Reddit


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