24 Designers Whose Sense of Humor Remains Undefeated

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If you think that a tissue box can’t be something funny, leave it to designers. They can connect things that are not possible to match. And, of course, a sense of humor is needed to make a regular product more noticeable.

We at Bright Side never grow tired of funny design ideas and are sharing 24 of them, so you can smile along with us.

1. “If only there was an easier way to see who was outside your front door.”

2. “This portable heater has started to melt its own handle.”

3. “A handheld side-view mirror”

4. “Nearly broke my ankle at the bottom of these steps.”

5. The guy has fingers.

6. “This sign in front of my house”

7. Tissue box

8. “The ’sugar coating’ on this gummy bear eraser makes it impossible to use. At least it’s cute.”

9. “The hotel I stayed at last night had a cutout in the glass to turn the shower on before getting in.”

10. “This cheesecake bandage”

11.“It’s pretty good advice.”

12. “Hot-dog eating hot-dog”

13. “The glitter of this hourglass sticks to the glass, making it almost impossible to see through at times.”

14. “Oh, and the door is missing a handle and hinges.”

15. “The backward toes creep me out.”

16. “Anti rough-sleeper poles make for a no-walk sidewalk”

17. “This clock we bought only has 8 hours.”

18. “Spicy lentil wrap — 95% of it is the wrap.”

19. “I saw this on a box. I don’t know how to lift it as the picture implies.”

20. “I can’t really decide if I’m dumb for walking on pebbles or if this is just a bad design.”

21. “Clearly, it’s showing that the Ministry of Silly Walks is downstairs.”

22. “I wondered why I could only hear half of the music.”

23. Urban planning

24. “Shocked by this bus design.”

What would you create first if you were a designer? Which picture did you like the most?

Preview photo credit LeyendaV/reddit, meltshake/reddit


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