22 Dorky Animals Who Decided to Act Provocatively

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Animals also need attention, and they’ve mastered ways to get it. Your cat can yell at you during a Zoom meeting, or a squirrel can show its tongue through the window. Each animal is individual and uses different ways to be noticed.

We at Bright Side rounded up photos of funny animals that can attract anyone’s attention and are sharing them with you to make you smile.

1. “Some sauce with your french fries?”

2. “Our squirrels are weird.”

3. No need to be shy.

4. “My cat is disabled and he sometimes likes to sit like that.”

5. “He is insane.”

6. “Gizmo’s not the brightest tool in the shed.”

7. “When you have to be the center of attention”

8. “When you don’t know what you’re doing but want to help”

9. “The plant in the toilet is better, right?”

10. “Mistakes have been made.”

11. “Life hack: cool your bum off on a hot day by pressing it against the cold door.”

12. “When she’s begging for food/attention, she tries to roll on her back and look cute, but today she didn’t quite pull it off.”

13. “Hmm, yes, this is a very comfy seat!”

14. “This doggo is bored in a traffic jam.”

15. “Saw this little guy stealing the fluff from someone’s bike seat.”

16. “Yelling at me during Zoom meetings”

17. “She does this all day while we’re at work. It’s her favorite spot in the house.”

18. “The llama wouldn’t let me close the window at my Airbnb so we did this for a while.”

19. “We have discovered our cat has stolen men’s underpants and socks from neighbours.”

20. Just waiting

21. Cats have some special abilities.

22. “This is how my cat eats.”

What’s the name of your pet? What things does it like to do to get your attention?

Preview photo credit GregEnsom/imgur


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