30+ Comics by an Artist Who Draws Life Moments That Most Girls Have Experienced

4 years ago

Life is so full of everyday situations that we don’t even stop and think about them. We just deal with them and move on without a second thought. But there are some people who are so creative that they take these moments and turn them into an opportunity to make us smile. That’s what graphic designer Bella Sriwantana does. Instead of just writing down her everyday struggles in a diary, she uses them to create comics. And by that, we mean the struggles that most girls (if not all of them) have been through.

Bright Side wants to show you some of her work — it is as funny as it is relatable.

There’s never enough space in our arms.

Dogs have the sincerest eyes.

No, we’re not forgetful — we just have a lot going on in our heads...

Sometimes, being a woman can be such a pain...

... A true torture

One of the most frustrating situations

How is it that some women always look perfect?

Way #889 to watch your diet

You just had to say it...

What? One way or another, we always look pretty.

Enjoy, babe.

Just when we’re about to complete the ritual...

Why are they always like that?

They won’t admit it, but they love our songs.

Why is his tounge and her face like that!!!!!!!! (In the forth one!)


Priorities, darling. Priorities.

That’s nothing.

That feeling you get when something good is about to happen

They should pay us for every nice picture we take of them.

Tough decisions

Where do the butterflies hide when I go jogging?

Why don’t they make clothes for normal girls?

Yes, we’d rather overheat.

But just once we’d like to...

He ment say when to stop! Also, why are you drinking WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At least we tried...

This totally happens to guys too.

There’s always one that’s more comfortable than the rest.

Is this some sort of joke from life?

Nevertheless, we always look gorgeous.

There’s always next summer...

Sometimes it’s good to make them feel useful, right?

If feels like we’re 5 different people in one body.

No matter what you do, it always wins.

Why does this happen every time?

It seems like it’s never enough.

The last method is always the best one.

For that and so much more, we love our BFFs.

It’s not that we don’t know, we just need more practice.

Have you ever been through any of these situations? Can you think of any other funny and relatable struggles that we didn’t mention? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit bella.illustration / Instagram


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gf will always steal your food, nothing you can do about it haha


I'm always losing my phone when it fact it's always in my purse ????


I love cakes so whenever I go to a birthday party it's like heyyy byeee (leaves with the whole cake) lol


These made me laugh so hard! They are totally true! Specially that one "picking the food".That's me 100%


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