An Artist Creates Uproarious Webcomics With Twisted Endings That You Can Get Lost In For Hours

3 years ago

Comics are a great way to express ideas and thoughts with images. Illustrator Ryan Pagelow from Chicago creates hilarious stories about Buni, a cute rabbit who gets himself into seemingly ordinary situations, but with unusual endings. The adventures of Buni became so popular, that over 676k people are now following Ryan’s Instagram account.

Here at Bright Side we adore comics, and we invite you to take a look at this compilation. We promise you won’t regret it.

1. Welcome home, buddy!

2. Everyone has their own dreams.

3. Maybe that’s why dinosaurs became extinct.

4. While you were sleeping...

5. Sharing is caring.

6. Gardening is kind of like growing kids.

7. They grow up so fast.

8. When imagination is too powerful:

9. Seeds of vengeance

10. When you want to take care of someone, you can always take care of plants!

Who’s your favorite illustrator? Share your pictures and comments in the section below!

Preview photo credit bunicomic / instagram


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oh I know this artist, I follow him for a long time. Love those 😃


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