An Artist Draws Comics About Girls’ Everyday Lives, and Each of Them Scores a Bull’s Eye

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4 years ago

Karen Nawfal is an artist from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Last summer, she posted a picture of the future heroes (her sister and herself) for the 1st time on Instagram. Lots of things have changed in 6 months: her style, her autograph, as well as other stuff. But one thing stayed unchanged: the cuteness level that still bursts.

We at Bright Side are certain once again that the simple things in life are the most magnificent, because we can recognize ourselves, our friends, or our sisters in each picture.

Me trying to wake up every morning:

Sometimes, we just can't make it without magic.

There are 2 types of girls:

But everyone is familiar with this kind of situation:

That's why there's only one solution:

Monday mornings are special. Because our motivation dies together with them.

How we feel after 8 minutes of working out:

Sometimes we wanna do this during a lunch break:

But everything changes when Friday comes. Or doesn't change.

And we just have to get through the last working day.

In order to make it to the WEEKEND!

Because we can return to our childhood...

...And be a bit naughty.

...And be reunited with nature.

...Or spend time exploring ourselves and our feelings.

But Sundays really rock. Let's just admit that we all dream of a Sunday like this.

Karen's art is really nice and funny. Do you agree with us? Did you recognize yourself in the pics? If so, tell us!

Preview photo credit Karen Nawfal


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