25+ Manuals and Instructions That Raise More Questions Than Explain Anything

2 years ago

A designers’ sense of humor never ceases to surprise us. They know not many of us will read their manuals, so they feel comfortable adding really amusing instructions to their products. And among all these curious creations, there are genuine pearls that may puzzle even the smartest users.

Bright Side has found some examples of very strange manuals, and in some cases, it’s even hard to figure out the reason behind these instructions.

1. “These instructions on the bathroom stall door”

2. “There must be a reason why they put up this sign.”

3. “The care instructions label in my boxers helpfully reminds me that turning them inside out doesn’t count as a wash.”

4. “This refrigerator manual is very descriptive.”

5. “The driver’s manual has a picture of a coke can stuck behind the brake pedal.”

6. “Thanks for explaining how to sit!”

7. “This 5-inch deep water feature has a ‘no swimming’ sign.”

8. “This pizza box tells you to stop reading right before the warning.”

9. “This warning label”

10. “Let’s put the warning label on the inside of the laundry machine.”

11. “They go to the same bin, the labels are useless.”

12. “It says ’heating instructions are on the back of the label’ but when you peel the label off to look at it, you lose half of the instructions.”

13. “Hidden instructions”

14. “Solid instructions at my apartment building”

15. “The instructions are written inside of the box and the box was not the kind that comes apart easily.”

16. “If you need this many instructions in a public restroom, you really need to rethink your design choices.”

17. “Instructions for a bookcase — do I take this part out or not?”

18. “Ah yes, the hand”

19. “Garbage bag instructions”

20. “Instruction manual for my old flip phone — it’s well over 100 pages.”

21. “Do there really need to be instructions on how to use a toilet?”

22. “My pants have instructions.”

23. “This sign has directions to Mars.”

24. “Dating advice on PacSun cargo pants”

25. “Conflicting information”

26. “Can anyone help me to understand the meaning of these instructions on my new scale?”

27. “My glasses came with instructions.”

Do you read manuals and pay attention to instructions? Have you seen any really weird ones? Maybe you have some hilarious examples to add to our collection!

Preview photo credit w***picnic / reddit


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