20 Kids Who Know How to Entertain Their Parents

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2 years ago

Just try to remember yourself when you were a kid. Yes, you also had tantrums for no reason and maybe you dyed your hair a brilliant green. Sometimes kids can make you so angry, but without them, life would be not as amusing.

We at Bright Side are back with 20 pics that show how children can be ridiculous and funny at the same time. We want to share this collection with you to make you smile.

1. “I told my son to tell me when his hair dye alarm went off. He took a shower instead while I was working on dinner.”

2. “When you toss all of your toys out of the box but still can’t find the one you’re looking for.”

3. “I once told my nephew that he needed to put one foot on the wall and 2 hands on the bar for safety. 2 years later.”

4. “My 3-year-old is angry because the beavers keep chomping on the tree.”

5. “My nephew got upset because he got stuck in the box he wanted to wear.”

6. “My nephew apparently wanted a moustache.”

7. “Dad, I got stuck reaching to the bottom of my toy bin.”

8. “It took her mom 20 hours to get them out after her brother poured a container of ‘Bunchems’ in her hair.”

9. “I told my 3-year-old to pack some toys for the pool. She brought her stuffed trout. Had a good laugh when I opened her bag.”

10. “7-year-old cousin swears he’s plugging his tablet in but it’s broken and won’t charge.”

11. “3-year-old brother washed his sandwich because he dropped it on the ground.”

12. “My daughter was furious that we wouldn’t let her keep a handful of coins in her mouth.”

13. “I asked a 7-year-old to hang up the hangers for the clean clothes.”

14. It seems like it will be difficult to find her.

15. “When I was 3 I fell asleep in a dog bed.”

16. “We are trying to get the baby into a routine for feeding.”

17. “My son told me he fed the cats.”

18. “Those aren’t shoes!”

19. “My 4-year-old has plenty of toys. Yet she prefers to play with a cardboard box, a drainpipe, and a log with a rope around it.”

20. “No comment”

What crazy things did you do when you were a kid? What kind of kid were you?

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