People Looked Inside Ordinary Things and Made Interesting Discoveries

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We normally use ordinary things without expecting any traps. But sometimes the most curious people explore different objects and find really surprising stuff inside.

19. “My dog destroyed her toy, and there was another sad toy inside.”

18. “Snap Bracelets are made of recycled measuring tapes.”

17. “Broke a ball playing bocce. There are pool balls inside it.”

16. There is love and support inside this bra.

15. “My grape had another smaller grape inside it.”

14. This shoe spray is just a women’s deodorant.

13. The inside of a golf ball. Interesting.

12. “Dropped a frog lawn decoration only to discover 2 snowmen inside.”

11. “This Kit Kat’s insides are the wrong way.”

10. “This laptop had a ruler hidden inside it.”

9. “Inside a 9-volt battery: 6 AAAA batteries.”

8. “This is what the inside of a bowling ball looks like.”

7. “This screwdriver handle has another handle inside it.”

6. “There was a heart inside this stuffed cookie monster, and my dog destroyed it.”

5. “This table is made with cardboard inside.”

4. “Cracked cue ball reveals another ball hidden inside.”

3. “Mickey Mouse fabric inside a clothesline.”

2. Merchandisers are smart.


1. This case is made from toothpaste boxes. What could be easier?

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit cbnimble/reddit, Chegevarik/reddit


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