16 People Who Suddenly Found Themselves in “Silent Hill” or Some Other Horror Franchise

2 years ago

It doesn’t matter whether it was a movie or a spooky campfire story we heard, they all can tickle our imagination. Our eyes and mind will easily take the bait and deceive us. So sometimes people start to see the supernatural, even in innocent coincidences.

We at Bright Side found pics that might look like characters and scenes from a horror movie. However, they are just another mind trick that eventually ends with us having a good laugh.

1. A Silent Hill doggo comes to mind.

2. Just imagine you wake up, go to the bathroom, and see this.

3. “The reflection looks like the alien tripod machine from War of the Worlds has invaded Melbourne.”

4. “The cloud looks like a UFO.”

5. “The snow looks like a rising zombie.”

6. “A cat with fire in his eyes”

7. “Found this doll painted like this in our daughter’s room.”

8. Jurassic Park monster

9. “This shadow looks like Babadook.”

10. “I washed my aluminum bottle and it looked like some strange monster with many eyes.”

11. “This ax, left on top of a frozen creek, is now an inch under the ice.”

12. “My upstairs neighbor’s tub is leaking.”

13. “Moved into a small house in Thailand a week ago, found this little guy sneaking around my kitchen.”

14. “The way the light makes my kid look like she’s from a horror movie”

15. “Everyone left their handprint on my glass door. Happy family reunion...”

16. “My daughter eating squid ink pasta”

Do you like horror movies? Have you seen anything suspiciously “scary” in your life?

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Preview photo credit studioprisoner95 / reddit


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Most of these l could rationalise and put in perspective straight away. l must have a really weird brain bc the nightmares l've had are seriously OTT. But the one l had that had NO answers then or now was honestly Supernatural....and l wasn't the only one that experienced it, even now 40 odd years later it Still freaks me out.


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