23 Photos That Give Us Millions of Questions

9 months ago

Sometimes life turns the most ordinary situations into the craziest moments, leaving us with so many questions and little answers. For example, things like a bear sitting in a car, a pigeon that might be related to a flamingo, or a dolphin in a person’s backyard, leave us scratching our heads. Take a look at these crazy photos below — you wouldn’t believe us if we just told you about them.

What a nice trio!

If you’re a tree, it doesn’t mean you have to act like an animal.

“Don’t mind me.”

Security is the main thing.

“That was the last thing I expected to find in a bathroom stall.”

Only old-fashioned people use their hands and legs.

And what do you know about partying?

“This guy is fishing in an empty ditch on a busy highway, wearing a life jacket and Burger King hat, while sitting on a bike that has a buoy attached.”

“My friend works at a pet store and she sent me this.”

When the mall is flooded but you still need a coffee break.

Nothing special, just a bear in a Lambo.

“I’m as confused as that guy behind him.”

Why is there a lonely cow at the beach?

A modern knight in chain armor made of can tabs.

“It’s raining a little bit in Florida... That’s a dolphin in a backyard.”

“Buddy of mine works at a pizza place. Went into the back to grab something...”

Modern art is confusing.

“Just gonna get some work done real quick.”

When there’s a whole lot of garbage.

Mixed power and stretching.

“Today on my flight it was a passenger’s birthday, so a flight attendant made him a crown out of peanut bags and those little swords that they put in cocktail drinks.”

That moment when you suddenly don’t need to go to the restroom anymore.

It’s a pink pigeon. That’s it.

Have you ever found yourself in a confusing situation? Share your stories with us in the comments, let’s try to figure it out together.

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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