21 Parents Shared Photos of What Life With Toddlers Looks Like

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2 years ago

No one, and nothing on earth, is faster than a toddler with something they shouldn’t have in their mouth. While this is a meme, every toddler parent would say it’s true. Between birth and 3 years of age, a child’s brain develops at a rapid rate. And it seems a lot of those brain connections, about a quadrillion of them, go into making mischief, temper tantrums, and unforgettable moments, especially for the parents.

Bright Side came across some pictures that perfectly captured what living with a toddler does to the parents, guaranteed to make your bluest day look happy.

1. “What fatherhood looks like. Putting a shoe on a 2yo. Happy Father’s Day.”

2. “I hear toddlers learn by example.”

3. “I took out my toddler’s elastics and now she has Ace Ventura hair.”

4. “My 2-year-old swallowed a unicorn.”

5. “I present to you my pedicure by a toddler.”

6. “Thanks to Apple and a truly dedicated 3-year-old, I only have 43.4 years to wait!”

7. “My toddler decided to ’help cook’ today.”

8. “My toddler will only eat a hotdog on a burger bun. He will absolutely refuse to eat it if it’s on a hotdog bun or anything else.”

9. “My toddler (almost 3 years old) trying to climb a ladder”

10. There’s a Nintendo switch in the dishwasher.

11. “The contents of my 3-year-old’s purse”

12. “Anyone else’s toddler eats a banana like this?”

13. “What a year of a toddler’s love does to one of those IKEA dogs.”

14. “My microwave after a toddler smashed its buttons.”

15. “Toddler made me breakfast.”

16. “My 3-year-old nephew made this pie-derman.”

17. “I sat on the toilet, closed the door, and my 2yo decided I wasn’t fast enough.”

18. “I could never game because of my toddler son so I finally bought a play pen.”

19. “Watching a toddler learn is fantastic.”

20. “Today, my 3-year-old showed me just how terrifying Play-Doh can be.”

21. “Wife: How’s your day going? Me: ”

Do you have any funny stories from the time you were or had a toddler? Which of these pictures resonated with you the most?

Preview photo credit CestRidicule/reddit


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