15+ People Who Have the Problem-Fixing Skill in Their Résumé

2 years ago

Our brains love challenges — and not just for the process in which we strive to find solutions but for the moment of euphoria and joy we’re struck with when we finally get to the “aha” moment. Believe it or not, even cows have this moment of insight. We don’t have images of how cows solve problems, but we have come across some brilliant-minded people that shared their unconventional fixes.

If there were awards for “most creative quick fixes,” Bright Side put together a list of some that might make it to the top 10.

1. “I have an ugly tribal tattoo, but I think I fixed it.”

2. “My lamp base broke, but I’m a woodworker.”

3. “A local cupcake bakery has found a way to make their product healthy.”

4. “Found a new way to keep my AirPods in.”

5. “I couldn’t think of what to paint. This was my solution.”

6. “He kept getting in front of her walker and we were worried she might trip. This was her solution. She’s pretty awesome for an 86-year-old!”

7. “My daughter and I wanted to fly a kite this weekend, but we couldn’t find the string, so we improvised.”

8. “A friend of mine decided to decorate my birth mark.”

9. “When you’re cheap and eat ramen on vacation instead of going to the restaurant downstairs”

10. “We had pieces but no board, so we had to improvise.”

11. “No snow? No problem!”

12. “We didn’t have any snow because Mother Nature let us down, so we improvised.”

13. “Lost my crevice attachment, had to improvise.”

14. “Dorm bed not comfy enough? Think outside the box.”

15. “Just a picture of different bricks to cover a hole”

16. “It was hot, so the guys got creative while working outside.”

17. “My buddy is having his leg amputated soon. This is his new tattoo.”

When was the last time you thought outside the box and you succeeded at it? Which hack of the ones above had you laughing out loud? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit piranhasaurusTex / Reddit


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