20 Things That Were Camouflaged So Well They Practically Disappeared

2 years ago

A pair of socks that got lost on the carpet, or an outfit that lets you blend in with the floor — these instances of accidental camouflage made random things disappear right before our eyes. And finding some of them can be quite a challenge because of their perfect, and sometimes funny disguises.

Bright Side collected photos where subjects blended seamlessly with the background, and they’ll give your eyes a workout trying to figure out where one ends and the other begins.

1. “When she matches the court.”

2. “Incogni-toe.”

3. “My girlfriend’s phone case blends perfectly into the top of this bar.”

4. “Dog vortex.”

5. “My jeans blend in perfectly with the sea.”

6. “My cat blends perfectly with this tree!”

7. “It’s definitely hard to tell what’s pup and what’s rug.”

8. “It took me forever to find the zip tie.”

9. “This 72-meter ‘Lady Buddha’ statue being renovated blends perfectly with the mountains and the sky.”

10. “There are 2 dogs here.”

11. “My girlfriend blends perfectly into the field. Natural camouflage.”

12. This nail file that got lost in the sheets.

13. “I thought it was like one of those tiger carpets with a head, but made out of a cat.”

14. “The muffins I made perfectly blend in with the granite counter.”

15. “I couldn’t find my Pringles lid for a couple of minutes.”

16. There is also a Yorkie hiding under the leaf pile.

17. “My cat is really mastering her camouflage techniques.”

18. “Geeky camouflage (aka book dress I made).”

19. “Don’t get a black rug if you have a black cat.”

20. “The striations on this crystal aligned precisely with her shirt. It ain’t transparent folks.”

If people could have superpowers, would you like to have the ability to camouflage yourself? Why or why not?


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