17 Finds That Prove the Thrift Store Is a Paradise for Treasure Hunters

3 years ago

Thrifting not only helps us save money, but it also helps save the planet. And as a pleasant bonus, it gives us an opportunity to find treasures. Not pirate treasures, of course, but still unique and cool things nonetheless. Lots of people are into thrifting and we want to give you a bunch of reasons to join them.

We at Bright Side found these 17 thrift gems that made their owners happy. And while we’re rushing to nearby thrift store, you can take a look at them.

1. “Found at the local Goodwill: an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple of decades”

2. “Thrifted everything here. Took us a few years but it was oh so worth it!”

3. “In high school, I had a vintage apple necklace but I left it at an ex-boyfriends house. Yesterday I SAW THE SAME NECKLACE! 10 years later and 700 miles away!”

4. “Found one of the paintings my grandmother painted! To my knowledge, they were sold about 25 years ago. I thought they were lost forever.”

5. “Bought at my local small town thrift store. I love him.”

6. “1970s black/white portable TV. $20 and it works!”

7. “My husband and I turned this antique fire extinguisher he got for free into a side table using a marble top we found at a garage sale for $1.”

8. “Catch and release: a very ’70s plaid couch with an AM/FM radio in the arm!”

9. “I found a matching vest for a skirt I purchased over a year ago! I had no idea it was a set until today.”

10. “Look at these super cute measuring spoons I got today! I paid $4 for the set.”

11. “$1,200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. My coffee dreams have now been fulfilled.”

12. “My granddaughter rockin’ her ’90s coat!”

13. “Found this unmarked 18k gold bracelet for $5”

14. “I’ve had them for 20 years, they were thrifted in Bulgaria. These boots will outlive me, they are indestructible.”

15. “I found the most perfect mug.”

16. “Brand new Kindle!!! I got it for $1.99!! Crazy.”

17. “My fiancée proposed by drawing a ring on my finger. We found the ring he drew in a random thrift shop 7 months later.”

Have you ever bought anything at a thrift shop? What was it? You can show us your finds in the comments.

Preview photo credit joyfulnurse79 / Reddit


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ok where is that store where I can get kindle for just 2 dollars? I'm coming 😂


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