8 Hacks to Save Your Life If You Get Lost in the Wild

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2 years ago

Modern people get used to the comfortable life with technology and start to forget what it means to survive in the wild. There is not a big chance of this happening, but still, you can get lost while camping with your friends, for example. So it’s good to know some simple hacks that you can whip out if you find yourself alone in nature.

We at Bright Side wish you a good, safe day and found 8 simple hacks that can save your life.

1. Collect morning dew.

To survive, you need water above all else. A good source of it is morning dew. Just collect it with a piece of fabric from trees and grass. When the fabric is wet, wring water into your mouth. As an option, if it’s warm out, just wrap your legs with a piece of a rag and then walk on the grass.

2. Use leaves to get warm.

Leaves are a good insulating material. Nights can be very cold, so you can use them to keep you warm. For example, fill a jacket with leaves or make a blanket out of them.

Also, they are good as a sleeping bag. It’s much better than sleeping on the ground.

3. Make a filter for water.

If you happen to have a plastic bottle, you can make your own filter for dirty water. First, make a hole in a bottle cap. Then cut the bottle and fold the part as it’s shown in the picture. Put grass, stones, coals, and whatever else you find for a cleansing system inside.
Now your water filter is ready.

4. Don’t drink your urine if you can’t find water.

It seems like it’s a good idea to drink your own urine when you can’t find water and get desperate, but specialists say that it will dehydrate you even more.
It contains dissolved salts, minerals, and trace amounts of toxins from your liver. Simply put, it’s dangerous.

5. Collect water using trees and sun.

If you have a plastic bag, secure it tightly over a branch with leaves. No air should come through. Leave it for a couple of hours. Don’t forget that the branches should be under the sun, so it will cause the leaves to create condensate.

6. Use your own clothes to make fire.

To make fire by rubbing, you need something dry and small. In case you can’t find dry leaves or small pieces of wood, just use your own clothes. It can even be a thread from your sock.

7. Repel insects with pine.

If you’re tired of annoying mosquitoes and bugs, just find a pine tree. Pine oil is a strong repellent. Crush the needles and rub them on your skin.

8. Use watches as a compass.

Even an analog watch can show you the direction. Hold the watch horizontally so it’s parallel with the ground. Now turn the watch or your hand so the hour hand of your watch is pointing directly at the sun.
Then you need to find the middle point of the angle between your hour hand and the 12 o’clock mark on your watch as it’s shown in the pic. The middle point between the 2 marks is south.

What tricks do you know that can help you to survive in the wild with nothing? What would you do first if you realized you got lost in the woods?


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