17 Pics of Animals Who Want Nothing but to Find a True Friend

2 years ago

Animals have big souls. They return your love and attention subconsciously, even if you’re not in a good mood. Even research has shown that animal friendships are durable. They can become your soulmate as well — even if they can’t speak.

We at Bright Side are thankful for the pure hearts of animals and are sharing some pics that show how much they need friends.

1. “We got a cat to get rid of mice. We wake up this morning to find our cat has made friends with the mouse.”

2. “My dad keeps seeing this goat man whenever he goes to work.”

3. This cat decided to help the dog with her puppies.

4. “May I introduce you to one of my precious rats, Gizmo!”

5. A little bit of support during yoga

6. “2 years after rescuing this pup, nothing has changed but her size.”

7. “This is Daisy and Luna. Daisy doesn’t like car rides, so Luna comforts her until they both fall asleep.”

8. “Bernie played with his alpaca so hard he fell asleep still holding it.”

9. “My friend saved a donkey from drowning after some floods. Look at that smile!”

10. True love, big kiss!

11. “My brother’s dog taking a selfie with some of her friends!”

12. “Browsing Reddit with a friend is always more fun.”

13. “I made a loyal feathered friend while working from home.”

14. “She loves cuddling her friend.”

15. “Our elderly dog had been feeling lonely and made an unlikely new friend.”

16. “This friendship between my dog, Tank, and Luigi the cat”

17. “My puppy and toddler sleeping together”

What’s the name of your pet? What does it like to do the most?

Preview photo credit mac_is_crack/reddit, sabsel95/reddit


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