16 Photos That Had Us Glued to the Screen Thanks to One Curious Detail

3 years ago

A paint blob that looks like a child’s face, a smiling bush, or a hummingbird that appears twice in one single shot — these are things that can turn a plain photo into a real masterpiece, causing you to stop scrolling and stare for minutes at a time.

We at Bright Side simply adore pictures with cool details hidden in them, and we went on a hunt through Reddit to pick these 16 gems just for you.

1. “I tried to take a picture of a hummingbird and it appeared twice.”

2. “My chunky dog has the image of a cat on her back, and they appear to share a tail.”

3. “This one kernel is out of place.”

4. “My infant son has incredibly long eyelashes.”

5. This egg has 3 yolks.

6. One bush is happy and the other one looks a bit disappointed.

7. “Due to a difference in prescription and lens thickness, my left lens defogs more quickly than my right lens.”

8. “My cat has 7 toe beans on each paw.”

9. This Christmas tree looks pretty ordinary until you realize it’s printed on a piece of fabric.

10. The tail of this lizard has 2 tips.

11. This bell pepper has an almost-perfect swirl on its top.

12. This doggo doesn’t need any words to say, “I love you.”

13. There’s a little tree growing on the branch of this big tree.

14. “My lava lamp threw me the peace sign today.”

15. The foam on this drink looks like a dog’s face.

16. “I was poking at a paint blob, and it looks like a face.”

What’s the most unusual photo you’ve ever taken? Can you show it to us in the comments?

Preview photo credit jeez-please / Reddit


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