15 Times Nature Decided to Wave Its Magic Wand

2 years ago

In spite of the huge advances in science over the past century, Mother Nature only seems to grow. Our understanding of this creative and controlling force is still far from complete, as some questions are simply inaccessible to the human mind and may be doomed to remain mysteries.

At Bright Side, we love intriguing situations and decided to collect a bunch of outstanding puzzles that will make your critical thinking suddenly slam into a metaphorical brick wall.

1. “This baby’s signature webbed toes”

2. This naturally “Rock on” hand

3. “My second toe is a lot longer than the rest of my foot.”

4. Cat that has a “man with a beard” pattern on its fur

5. “This mini-pineapple from my parents farm”

6. “This ginger that looks like a crayfish”

7. Snowflakes eyes

8. “Twisted together carrots I found in a bag of carrots”

9. “My deer fern did a weird thing.”

10. “I’m able to bend just my fingertips without bending the other joints.”

11. “This tree that has bark eyes”

12. “This extremely mutated strawberry”

13. “Took a picture of this not suspicious looking tree.”

14. “My weird feet”

15. “All the different colors in gumtree leaves during winter in Australia”

Do you often encounter such perplexing mysteries? Do you personally have any unique body features that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.


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