19 Pics That Prove Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction

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Many times, you’ve probably heard people say something like, “That only happens in movies.” However, sometimes reality can be strange. So when you finally run into something that proves this to be true, the best thing to do is take out your phone ASAP and make that once in a lifetime click to capture the evidence.

At Bright Side, we’ve compiled several images in which coincidences seem straight out of a movie, but they’re real.

1. “My friend’s outfit perfectly matched my coffee cup today.”

2. “My friend’s sleeping cat”

3. “The sun is making my door feel exclamatory today.”

4. “I saw my door in a book.”

5. “This pan matches my sink”

6. “My slips matched the Airbnb rug.”

7. “This perfect double-colored leaf on my plant”

8. “My new thrift store teacup finds match my favorite socks.”

9. “The white sweet potato has a purple inside, and the purple sweet potato has a white inside.”

10. “I found some candles at work today that matched my nails.”

11. “My sister’s dogs have matching eyes.”

12. “I match the bathroom.”

13. “When the dog matches the rug”

14. “Found a carrot that matches the form of my finger.”

15. “Bird person”

16. “My girlfriend’s new socks match our bathroom rug!”

17. “My nail color matches the custom glaze on this ceramic donut pipe I made.”

18. “The way the shoes match the mat — safety first!”

19. “My boyfriend’s new shirt matches his tattoo perfectly.”

What is the greatest coincidence you’ve ever experienced? How do you think the universe works so that coincidences exist?


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