17 Photos Proving That You Can Find Small but Genius Details on Clothes

2 years ago

We’re so used to the clothes we wear every day that we rarely notice any interesting details about them. And sometimes, there are such surprises and unusual writings that it’s amazing how someone had such a wonderful idea. A label with important philosophical advice, secret coordinates, Easter Eggs, and other secrets — you can find all these things in your clothes if you look close enough.

We at Bright Side were really intrigued by these things and decided to collect the photos from internet users who shared their finds.

“My son’s onesie has a different color button in the middle so it’s easier to line them up properly.”

“This shirt I bought has a hidden pocket sewn into the inside of it with the phrase, ’Don’t tell Mom.’”

This guy’s jacket hood has a built-in pair of sunglasses.

“My sweater has an age restriction.”

  • “Probably because the material is flammable. There’s some requirement in the US that kids’ clothes be more flame retardant or something. At least their pajamas.” © alpha_rat_fight_ / Reddit

This kid’s jacket has coordinates to Area 51

“The inside of the fox pocket on my sweater is made up of several smaller foxes”

“The tags on my T-shirt are in different places.”

  • “Of course they are, 2 objects cannot occupy the same space in 3 dimensions.” © kcasnar / Reddit

“The tag on my sweater”


“My new shirt can’t be worn if you have a pacemaker due to the magnetic buttons”

“My Flume sweater says Flume upside down as well”

“My new shirt came with some motivational life advice”

“How your spend your days is how you spend your life.”

“My vintage dress has a small weight sewn into the collar to keep it from flipping over”

“My wife bought this for our son. This is the patch directly on the front middle of the shirt”

“Jeep hides Easter eggs in their products, just found this Easter egg on my Jeep Jeans.”

“This flannel button-up has an orange thread on the bottom button hole so that you don’t misalign the buttons”

“This tag in my skirt advises me not to run away from oncoming traffic.”

“My new shoes have a map to Saville Row on the sole.”

Have you ever found any cool details on your clothes? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit bagood1 / Reddit


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