11 Bizarre Inventions It’s Hard to Believe Actually Exist

10 months ago

Our modern world is full of useful, clever, and ingenious inventions...and then some that are just downright weird. Bright Side reveals some of the oddest inventions out there which have to be seen to be believed!

1. Portable toilet paper dispenser

Ok, we’ve all been there: having a sneezing fit in public, only to find ourselves somewhat snotty and completely tissue-less. Inventing a solution to this problem? Great! Making that solution carrying around toilet paper on your head? Maybe not so much.

2. Duck-billed muzzle

Need a cute alternative to a muzzle for your mutt? Look no further! This invention will keep your dog from biting, while at the same time making it look more harmless to other dog walkers in the park. Just keep an eye out for confused ducks around the pond.

3. Baby mop romper

Because who hasn’t secretly wished that their baby could earn his keep by helping out with the housework? They get to crawl around and explore, and you get a much-needed respite from chores. Everybody wins!

4. Noodle splash protector

Granted, hair plus noodle broth can be problematic. However, we bet you weren’t expecting someone to solve this problem with this portable splash protector, designed to keep your hair out of your dinner. It’s certainly whimsical, but we think we might stick to hair ties for now.

5. Grass flip-flops

It is true that sometimes there’s no better feeling than sinking your bare feet into grass, particularly if you live in a busy city. But how many of you would be willing to attach grass to your feet in the form of these nifty flip-flops? Perhaps it’d be better to just take a trip to the park!

6. Ostrich pillow

Naps can be magical, wonderful things, giving us the energy to face the rest of the day. With this "ostrich pillow" (so called because it makes you feel as though your head is buried in the sand), you can maximize your nap time....mostly because we’re fairly sure that no one is going to bother you if you’re wearing one of these.

7. Scooter-stroller hybrid

If you need to get your tot somewhere fast (and presumably don’t have access to a car...or public transport), you can strap them into this scooter-stroller hybrid and whizz around at top speed. Predictably, this has caused some safety worries, but it is equipped with special brakes to allow safe stopping and turning.

8. Full-body umbrella

For the days when the wind is strong and your little umbrella from the dollar store just isn’t doing the job, there’s this Japanese invention. It’ll keep your whole body protected from the rain and probably keep strangers from making awkward small talk with you.

9. Butter grater

Gone are the days of waiting for butter to soften or braving the microwave in an attempt to reach the elusive soft-but-not-melted consistency. With this invention, you can grate butter onto your toast and enjoy within minutes.

10. Coffee mug/iron hybrid

Ever had the burning desire to drink your coffee and iron your clothes with the same object? Thought so! This device uses the heat from your hot drink to smooth the wrinkles in your clothes. Handy for portable crease tackling; not so handy for the inevitable coffee stains.

11. Fish tank toilet

A Chinese firm has come up with the perfect solution for pet-loving families who don’t have the space to keep animals: the fish tank toilet.

Preview photo credit Mechanicallyincleyend / Youtube


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