23 Smart Designs of Ordinary Things That Left Us Amazed and Grateful

3 years ago

Most examples of today’s designs amaze us with their looks. However, oftentimes, they lack functionality and efficiency. When looking at them, one might wonder what their creators were thinking about. Fortunately, the designs compiled in this article are both simple and well-thought out.

Bright Side appreciates simple things and found some items with designs that amaze with their combination of simplicity, creativity, and functionality.

23. Chairs that perfectly fit the table

22. This sushi bar’s chairs are designed in the shape of sushi.

21. A backpack designed for carrying animals

20. A banana peel wet floor sign

19. A barcode for vegan protein powder

18. An amazing idea for caring about clients

17. This watch advertisement in Dubai

16. The Fibonacci clock

15. Entry door handles to Fort Worth’s herpetarium

14. The design of a subway entrance in Frankfurt

13. Creative napkins at a restaurant

12. “This door in my hotel’s bathroom can close off either of 2 doorways.”

11. An evergreen hotel

10. A toilet door with an extra door for children

9. This flash drive shows the percentage of data used.

8. This water barrier prevents tall trucks from crashing into the tunnel ceiling.

7. The tiles at the National Postal Museum look like envelopes.

6. A new guitar design makes the instrument sound louder.

5. This tire reads, “replace tire” when it gets worn down.

4. The barcode on this shaving cream reminds us once again what this product is for.

3. The Swedish shopping cart has magnetic wheels so it doesn’t roll down the escalator.

2. A Mount Fuji water bottle

1. A Rubik’s cube for colorblind people

Which of these designs impressed you the most? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!


#12 looks more like a design fail to me, rather than something smart...
Idea #18 is my favorite! I don't like talking to assistants, and most of the times they are way too clingy, it makes me feel uncomfortable

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