14 Timely Photos That Are More Puzzling Than a Rubik’s Cube

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Some ordinary things can turn into jaw-dropping ones in the blink of an eye. The only thing you have to do is look long enough to see something you didn’t notice before. When we finally stop and stare, that’s when things start getting interesting. These 14 people happened to be present at the right moment to get a good dose of confusion.

1. “My dog’s face lining up exactly with my sister’s”

2. “The wind and backlit sunset made my hair appear on fire.”

3. “The cat-snake hybrid”

4. “Grumpy old man”

5. “My son’s noodle soup”

6. “Get ready for a tiny guy way up high.”

7. “This picture of my friend’s daughter looks like she’s levitating and missing both legs.”

8. “Hot dog eye”

9. “My wife’s turned-up nose”

10. “I almost stepped on the cat.”

11. “I saw a rabbit and a witch while watching a sunset.”

12. “Look at my little sister’s arm...err...leg?”

13. “A bowl of hot noodle soup with homemade pork wontons!”

14. “Family selfie — I have no legs.”

What is the most confusing thing you’ve ever seen? How often do you get pictures with “extra” legs or arms?

Preview photo credit peosg / Reddit, amsimone / Reddit


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The baby otters are the most adorable things to ever exist, I love them so much!


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