15+ Times Photos Came Out Perfect Without Much Effort

2 years ago

Photography has been one of the most impressive arts out there since the invention of cameras in 1816. And while professional photographers put in long hours of practice and trial and error in order to get the perfect snapshot, many ordinary people need nothing more than a bit of luck and their cell phones to capture a perfect masterpiece.

The Bright Side team has gathered some of the most remarkable snapshots taken by amateur photographers for you to enjoy.

1. “The way this cheese lines up perfectly with the bread”

2. “Eating this part of the ice cream cone”

3. Even the lady on the TV is excited.

4. “The curves in this freshly set concrete walkway”

5. “Our drink drawer in our fridge is fully stocked.”

6. “The paper peeled off my Reese’s cup perfectly clean.”

7. “A broom setup at our local garden store”

8. “These crocheted sunshades in Alhaurín de la Torre, Spain”

9. “The organization of the candy boxes at Target gave me good vibes.”

10. “The way my blanket came out of the washer so perfectly”

11. “My griddle, full of silver dollar pancakes”

12. “A square brownie in a square bowl”

13. “Cleaning off dirty weather is definitely oddly satisfying.”

14. “My closet is color-coded.”

15. “The way this incense burned”

16. “This sky looks fake.”

17. “The sun shines into the school hallway.”

18. “Drew a pattern on my hand.”

Among these pictures, which one seems the most unreal? Have you taken any photos that you are particularly proud of? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Floating****/reddit


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