18 Times the World Threw Something Interesting at Us to Keep Us Amazed

2 years ago

As kids, we tend to look at the world with a sense of wonder. But as we age, the rose-colored glasses come off because we get too busy dealing with life’s harsh reality. According to experts though, it’s important for adults to refresh their energy and “cultivate experiences of awe.” After all, the feeling of astonishment can bring physical and emotional benefits.

Luckily, the universe has our backs and we at Bright Side collected 18 photos that prove there’s no shortage of interesting and amazing things around us.

1. “My egg had triplets.”

2. “3 years worth of shark teeth found along the Florida coastline”

3. “My sister’s dogs have matching eyes.”

4. “This moth that looks like a bee”

5. “My tomato started growing instead of going bad.”

6. “Our yard cat’s water froze like this.”

7. “The fire in this pic I took looks like a dragon.”

8. “Weeds only grew through the black parts of the blanket.”

9. “Found an almost apple-sized strawberry at work.”

10. “I came across this romantic flower while I was out hiking.”

11. “Saw the sunrise in this parking garage and it almost looks like a mural.”

12. “This sheet of ice that stayed on my car”

13. “I found a nest in my porch wreath containing my hair and my white dog’s fur.”

14. “This grape has 2 grapes growing out of it.”

15. “Walked in on my cat holding rainbow.”

16. “The different color of eggs my chickens lay”

17. “My wife’s breast milk has changed its color while adapting to our sick daughter.”

18. “My dad has something called a bifid thumb (or pre-axial polydactyly). This was the thumb of our Uber delivery guy!”

When was the last time you took some time off to relax and appreciate life? Do you agree that it is important to protect our sense of wonder?


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