20 People Who Discovered Something Unique About Their Bodies

3 years ago

You may think that naturally 2-toned hair, hands without fingerprints, and thunder fingers can only be found in the pages of comic books and movies. But the truth is, real people also have these characteristics, and while they don’t have special powers, they’re still pretty exceptional.

Bright Side wants you to be as amazed as we are at these incredibly unique people.

1. “My vitiligo has turned half of my upper eyelashes white.”

2. “I don’t have fingerprints.”

3. “The scar on my hand stays clean no matter how dirty my hands get.”

4. “My friend’s palms only have one line going through them.”

5. “My sister has had hair that’s half-blonde, half-brunette since she was born.”

6. “A mildly interesting photo of my eye that I managed to get in focus — I have sectoral heterochromia.”

7. “A rock working its way out of my hand after a bicycle accident over 25 years ago”

8. “I have cystic fibrosis. One of my scars looks like a second belly button.”

9. “I’m 21 and still have 2 baby teeth.”

10. “A second nail has been growing out of my finger ever since it got trapped in a car door when I was 8.”

11. “My feet are totally flat.”

12. “A fading Sharpie stain on my thumb looks like the start of a deadly virus.”

13. “I have an off-centered pupil.”

14. “I have 2 different thumbs.”

15. “My brother has a perfect hexagon of moles when he sits like this.”

16. “My natural hair is brown with blonde patches.”

17. “I got stung by a jellyfish 20 years ago that’s effected the cells in my skin, meaning it can’t change color due to temperature.”

18. His finger can discharge static electricity against a door frame.

19. “I have a rare disorder called cleidocranial dysostosis. Got my first dental X-ray today and I have a lot of extra teeth.”

20. “I’m allergic to the cold.”

What impressed you the most on this list? Does your body also have something unique that you’d like to show us?

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