15 Human Body Features That Make Their Owners Unique

2 years ago

We all wouldn’t mind being different from others. Some dye their hair bright colors, some choose unusual clothes, but the heroes of this article got a unique feature at birth. And they are really proud of it. In the bonus section, you’ll find a unique cat.

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“My eye has a birthmark.”

“My little finger is my biggest finger.”

“My eyes have a different color in winter (almost blue) with a little brown, in summer they are very light green, almost yellow, with a bit of orange.”

“My leg hair naturally grows in a swirl.”

“My pupils have always been off-center, but they never really caused me issues aside from an astigmatism.”

“This super thick beard hair that I pulled out. A normal hair is on the right for scale.”

“Hair after radiotherapy changes color and texture (bottom part).”

Eyes you can’t stop looking at...

“My left big toe is way bigger than my right one.”

“The difference in my leg muscles 3 weeks after having an ankle reconstruction”

“My eyes are half-brown half-gray.”

“I have a pigment condition called ‘nevus depigmentosus’.”

“I’m able to bend just my fingertips without bending the other joints.”

“My jaw from below looks like my nose from above.”

“I have a ‘heart’ on my heart.”

Bonus: This cat has an amazing eye color.

Do you have any unique features? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit unknown / Reddit


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