15+ Pics That Prove We Don’t Need Much to Gush

2 years ago

People don’t actually need much to go, “Aww.” A cute look from their pet or meeting a new friend — small events bring a lot of joy to our lives. The characters of our article know it well. Not only did they gush themselves, but they also managed to grab a camera and capture the cute moment to share it with others.

We at Bright Side prepared a dose of cute animals that will keep your spirits high for many days to come.

“My cat turned 3 so I made us friendship bracelets.”

“My golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome.”

“Have a good day!”

“Thought my wife was getting a kitten, not a furry judgmental parrot.”

“I know, many people don‘t like rats, but I love this little guy so much.”

“I adopted a kitten today! Her name is Loki, she is super scared but too cute.”

“Charles will be 16 years old. He’s my world, and I am his.”

“Meet Tommy, who we rescued last year.”

“I guess he likes his new toy.”

“Meet Spook. I found him walking and took care of him until I found an amazing human to rehabilitate and release him.”

“They’ve known each other for 4 days.”

“Help me choose a name for this baby opossum (boy).”

“My sister’s dog has ’resting cartoon face.’”

“I work at an animal shelter. Today someone brought us a ferret. He was scared and lonely, so this happened...”

“She loves cuddling her friend.”

“Found my guys all like this after I started to cleanup the apartment.”

What made you gush today? Please share your pics in the comments!

Preview photo credit Ladyelune / reddit


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