Bridezilla Ruined Her Own Wedding, and Then Put All People Even Into a Bigger Shock

5 months ago

wedding day is probably one of the most significant events in our lives. For one woman, it sure was not only the most important one, but also the most horrible. And she was to blame for spoiling it all, and then being a real bridezilla. But what made it all even worse is her outrageous action in the end, which made many friends of hers turn their backs on her immediately.

A woman was shocked by her friend’s wedding.

A woman has recently come to Reddit to tell an absolutely crazy story about her friend, who managed to not only spoil her wedding day, but turned the lives of some people around into a total mess.

She wrote that her friend Dana, 29, was supposed to be getting married this past Sunday. The wedding got cancelled and things had gotten totally insane.

Dana was getting married to Josh, 32. She’s still in college with the OP and asked a few friends from college, OP included, to be her bridal party. Now, from the start, this wedding has been a disaster. The woman was going to just point out a few of the crazy stuff they dealt with.

The bride turned her own wedding preparation into a complete mess.

The woman listed the most appalling and crazy things that her friend did. She wrote," She refused to invite my best friend, who she’s supposedly good friends with, because she thinks we’re gay. We’re not.“

She continues, “She had us go to the dress fitting and then demanded each of us pay $2000 each for our dresses. Apparently she had a specific style she wanted. I can afford it, but I won’t buy a 2k dress for one event. Some of the girls in the bridal party don’t have that flexibility with money.”

The woman revealed that the groom, Josh, couldn’t invite any single females that were not blood relatives of him. So if he had any female friends, they were axed.

Dana also accused one of the girls of being pregnant in front of her parents and almost got her kicked out of her house. She was not pregnant, and she dropped from the bridal party. She was a class act, though, and never bad talked Dana. Just said she couldn’t make it. They found out about it pretty much on the day of the wedding.

Dana also tried to make them cancel their holidays with their families to instead go with her to a destination bachelorette party. The woman wrote, “I work full time even during holidays, so I told her that was not happening. More of the bridesmaids said similar things, and she dropped it.”

The meat of the story came on the wedding day.

The woman continues her story, describing the wedding day. She wrote, “The day started horrible. Dana was having a meltdown because apparently the flower girl had to cancel because she has -chickenpox. She was threatening to sue the mother unless she brought this sick three years old to the wedding. Josh apparently was able to calm her down from this starter outburst, and we began preparations.”

The whole day, the bride had constant outbursts. Her friend wrote, “She made people cry. Like, wedding staff and bridesmaids. The MoH deserves a medal for the amount of diplomacy and control she had to do. I for the most part took the easy route and decided to work outside the bridal suit like checking flowers, making sure food was okay. Basically any excuse NOT to be around bride.”

Eventually, the OP had her make up and hair done, then the bride asked for a little bit of time alone to ’decompress’ from the stress. They didn’t even fight it, you could not see a group of women run faster away.

The wedding was starting in thirty minutes, so they figured she would be fine alone for that little. The OP spent those thirty minutes just sitting in the chapel with her phone. It had to be about five minutes before the start of the wedding when MoH came over to tell them the wedding was cancelled. The OP asked her what happened.

It turned out Dana was caught having an affair with Josh’s uncle in the room. Josh caught them.

Things couldn’t get any worse, but they did.

Apparently and rightfully, Josh called off the wedding, told off his uncle, and has since left with his mates. The woman confessed that she feels so bad for him, because he’s an absolute gem of a man.

He apparently also told Dana and her parents that she will be paying the cancellation fees. According to MoH, Dana’s father told her in front of everyone that she was paying it on her own.

Then the woman wrote, “I thought that was the end of it. I made the choice to separate myself from this mess. Until I got a call from Dana, not even an hour ago, demanding $5,000 to help pay her cancellation fees. According to Dana, it was our duty as the bridal party to pay her cancellation fees. I obviously told her no and that she might as well lose my number. I am never speaking to this woman again. This has been pretty much the reaction of all bridesmaids and the MoH.”

And here’s yet another dramatic story of a woman who was humiliated by her husband right on her wedding day and how he got his karma.


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