15 Thrilling Discoveries That People Couldn’t Wait to Share With the World

2 years ago

It’s not every day that you find a 2-inch hair growing from your forehead. This can be a bit strange, but unexpected findings can range from the slightly bizarre to incredibly adorable. Either way, people often are too excited not to share these gifts from the universe with others, even if they’re strangers online.

Bright Side came across some folks on Reddit who stunned us with their discoveries. Make sure to stay for the bonus at the end!

1. “My grandfather and I took the same photo 55 years apart.”

2. “I took a time-lapse of my flight and caught the plane getting struck by lightning.”

3. “While showing my 3-year-old my Game Boy, I discovered a picture of my best friend from 1999.”

4. “This kitchen counter along with an empty drinking glass sort of looks like the Death Star from Star Wars in space.”

5. “My reflection in the mirror looks as if it was a regular picture on the wall.”

6. “I polished some marble tonight and a side looked like it was missing.”

7. “This flashlight contains a block of concrete so it feels heavier and sturdier.”

8. “Found an unopened PS1 in my grandfather’s attic”

9. “A lower case stop sign”

10. “My dog’s neck looks like Squidward with some sunscreen on his nose.”

11. “I spilled sparkling water on a newspaper and the bubbles only stuck to the ink.”

12. “The puddle reflecting the sun looks like a portal to space.”

13. “I have a 2-inch gray hair protruding from my forehead.”

14. “It appears I’ve swiped some sort of hole through my screen protector only visible through polarized lenses.”

15. “I literally thought she was carrying a baby and then the cat turned around.”

Bonus: “Bought a window prism and immediately discovered treasure at the end of the rainbow.”

When was the last time something surprised you? Do you enjoy sharing things on social media?

Preview photo credit onlinebeing / Reddit


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