An Artist From Chicago Makes Bunny Comics With Such Hilarious Endings, They Can Make You Smile Like an Idiot

3 years ago

It’s difficult to find a topic more controversial and subjective than art. Yet some ideas strike you as lightning right when you see them. Ryan Pagelow from Chicago is one of those artists who knows how to create hilarious content. His funny bunny comic strips make people around the world grin from ear to ear!

We at Bright Side joined the club of his admirers and invite you to do the same!

Babe, you’re hot!

“You gotta be careful, dude!”

Flower power at its finest

Playing with sand like the Prince of Persia

Run for your life, bro!

Angry birds: mission accomplished.

Girls... You never know what they want!

Expectations: so different from reality it hurts!

I believe I can flyyyyy!

The hero of the day

Winter is coming.

No worms, please!

A boiling bowl

Passive aggressive biscuits

There’s a whole book about Buni the bunny out now! It’s called Happiness Is a State of Mind and it’s available here.

Did you like the comics? We bet there’s a whole lot of buni in all of us. Share what you think in the comments section below!


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