It’s Smile O’Clock! 15 Pics That Will Boost Your Mood in a Second

2 years ago

Life can be so stressful that a moment to unwind is a must. Fortunately, people often take to the internet to share some of their joys with us. From a photo of their baby-hippo-looking dog to yet more proof of how strong cat’s personalities are. So let’s jump in!

Bright Side wants to set you on a trail of happiness with a group of truly cheerful photos.

1. Billy the Little Owl showing us why we don’t see owls fly in the rain.

2. “I guess my puppy doesn’t know how big he is anymore.”

3. “She hopped on the printer. I gave her a CAT scan.”

4. “It seems like we adopted a baby hippo.”

5. “Klaus recovering from being neutered in his heated bed is a whole mood.”

6. “If someone is missing their breakfast, I think I found it.”

7. “Stole his bed on the very first day home. The audacity.”

8. “Life imitates art.”

9. “Sir Frederick does this every single night.”

10. “I feel like my dog’s expressions are being under-utilized, so tell me which you relate to the most.”

11. “My mom gave me this special pillow for my arthritic neck. Charlie and I highly recommend it.”

12. “My cat, Anakin, finding his first grass patch of the spring. I wish I could get this excited about salad.”

13. “I surprised him.”

14. “Took a picture of my cat mid-sneeze...”

15. “My favorite mouth-breather, sleeping on his favorite memory foam pillow.”

What never fails to make you smile? Have you ever taken a photo that could uplift someone’s mood? Don’t overlook the comment section because it’s where all the fun happens. Come along!


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