18 Random Marks and Traces That Can Tell a Whole Story

2 years ago

A mark is an inevitable sign of the passage of time or, in some cases, of human or animal presence. And in everyday life, we can find plenty of evidence that reveals stories, like the ones from these users, where we see everything from sweet pet snouts and the imposing footprints of a dinosaur to blatant sneaker footsteps on the inside of a pizza box.

Bright Side is sharing these curious photos of people who made discoveries that changed their day.

1. “Took this pic this morning at my son’s nursery. Amazing how perfect it is.”

2. “This perfect paw print, with nails, that my wet dog left on my jeans”

3. “Found a dinosaur footprint on our hike in Utah.”

4. “In 1945, my great grandmother wrote her name on a sidewalk. We found it again. She is 93.”

5. “Halfway into the pizza, I noticed there was a huge footprint inside the pizza box.”

6. “My mug left this smiley water mark on my coffee table.”

7. “The markings on this watermelon”

8. “This folder was unused for so long, it developed a sun mark.”

9. “I was leaving work and noticed that a squirrel had fallen on my car at some point.”

10. “This perfect semicircular mark in the garden is made by a dog that has followed this path for years.”

11. “The mark from my water glass made a perfect pumpkin.”

12. “These marks of a failed attempt to climb onto a car by a possum”

13. “My veterinary office that has paw prints on their ceiling tiles”

14. “A porcupine’s chew marks on a tree that I found”

15. “I came across these theropod tracks while fly fishing in Leander, Texas.”

16. “I was laying on my arm and my ear left a mark.”

17. “The markings on this dog’s paw look like a dog.”

18. “Just a reminder: hide all of your devices.”

How would you have reacted to finding a dinosaur footprint? Or what about finding a footstep in a box with your food?

Preview photo credit Werocia / Reddit


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