15 People Who Bought a Book for Its Cover and Still Regret It

2 years ago

In an age where everything has to be super eye-catching, a lot of brands use their packaging and ads to seduce us at all costs. Sometimes it’s the empty promises of a generously filled chocolate croissant that leave us totally disappointed. And other times, it’s a plant online that steals our heart and then breaks it once we get our hands on it. Whatever it is, we have to accept that not everything that shines is gold and move on.

At Bright Side, we’ve seen some appearances that are ridiculously deceiving to the point of becoming funny. We want to share some products that will leave you equally baffled and amused.

1. Something’s missing here...

2. ’’I bought a ball pit for my baby.’’

3. ’’I ordered the ’4-cheese mac and cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders’ online. It wasn’t even April Fools’ Day.’’

4. Not that fun and colorful after all, huh?

5. ’’Oatmeal with a generous amount of blueberries’’

6. ’’My double-filled croissant’’

7. Food scam

8. ’’Ordering plants online is always risky, but this just made me sad.’’

9. ’’I got a fun-size pack of Skittles with only yellow ones.’’

10. ’’Did they put it in a compressor? It’s also rock hard.’’

11. ’’Top slice of bacon vs the rest in the package’’

12. At least the vase is the same.

13. Something’s missing.

14. ’’My brother bought a ’studio quality’ White Walker mask online.’’

15. Inside vs outside

How often do you come across a purchase that doesn’t live up to its promises? Have you ever been positively surprised by a product that looked better than it was advertised?

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