Twitter Users Shared Creepy Things Kids Said That Can Give Anyone Goosebumps

It’s true that sometimes kids say the silliest things, but have you ever heard a child say something that ended up giving you goosebumps? A Twitter user named Karnythia asked her followers to share the most spine-chilling words that they had ever heard children say. The result turned out to be quite unexpected and really scary.

Bright Side selected some particularly creepy things that children have said.




















Have you ever heard something really scary from your kids that sent chills down your spine? Share your stories in the comments below.

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i asked my dad if i was ever creepy. he said that when i was three, i kept explaining a ghost girl in my room at night. he said i explained her every morning in great detail. that is why we moved. maybe that has something to do with the demon in the hallway...


I can't believe I was one of those kids. Story time (this is a long one so sit tight and grab some popcorn):
I was six going on seven and I was at my mother's apartment. There were some strange events going down in the place, but I will never forget this one. We had just come home from what my tiny six year old brain could comprehend as the longest shopping trip of my life for the third time that week. We walked through the doorway and I started feeling agitated out of nowhere for no reason. I must have be standing there for a while because my mom yelled, "are you going to stand there for another ten minutes or are you going to help me out with putting all this away?!". Without a word I walked into the kitchen to start putting things away when I realized what was bothering me. There was an eerie humming coming form everywhere. All of a sudden I heard feet thundering around the house but it was all the same foot pattern. He was everywhere at once.I ran around looking for him to see why he was in my house but I couldn't see him. Then, he stopped walking. All at once the man started walking toward me from every direction. I started to panic not knowing what to do. I was so overwhelmed that I just threw my hands over my head and crouched to the floor. His feet stopped but then he started talking. He shouted insults and taunted me and threatened my family. The he proposed a deal. He said he would take back all those terrible things and wouldn't harm my family but the condition was this: he would come back to bother me every so often. Not knowing what this meant I accepted in a hurry hoping he would go away. Later that night he came back. I could see him standing in front of my window. He stalked over to me and I saw the glint of a knife and froze. I knew I should run or scream but I couldn't move anymore. The man was in front of me and raised his knife above his head. My desire to live beat my fear and I raised my hand to defend myself. That's when he stabbed me. Square in my hand. I screamed and don't remember much afterwords but my hand was bleeding badly but apparently not badly enough for anything worse than a butterfly stitch. No one believed my story but no one else saw it so nobody could tell if I was lying. Later I found out that earlier that day I was running around looking hysterical and yelling, "He's coming!" and just before I got stabbed I yelled "he's here" but I don't remember saying anything. He still visits me in my sleep paralysis.


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