20 Times People Saw Unexpected Things That Gave Them a Good Laugh

2 years ago

Charlie Chaplin once said that a day without laughter is a day wasted, and he was absolutely right. Some scientific studies reveal that a sense of humor can lower mortality rates, especially if we’re talking about women. So it seems that jokes and laughter can not only enlighten our day with positivity but can also help us to live longer.

The Bright Side team wants our readers to live as long as possible so we have collected some photos that will help us in this regard.

1. “Found out why the toilet was draining so slowly”.

2. “I told my fiancé I got him the perfect 30th birthday cake... it wasn’t what he expected.”

3. “This shop consultant will recommend the best food for your cat!”

4. “My local fish and chip shop loves Kanye loving fish sticks.”

5. “Yeah I guess...”

6. “Found this in my Amazon package.”

“Hope you get rich in 2022! Let’s go.” — Someone who packed this lmao

7. “A mouse ate my Tootsie Pop.”

8. “The height of pettiness seen in a UK car park today

9. “Walked into my kid’s room to find Buzz about to beat Woody. I swear he didn’t leave them like that...”

10. “Someone must have shaken my bag of Haribos.”

11. “One of my town’s cemeteries has an LED ’welcome’ sign.”

12. “Hmmm, you don’t say.”

13. “Love my gym.”

14. “Never never give in, give up.”

15. “Sending a framed art piece to a friend... It is not Italian art, but it’s still very Fra-GEE-leh!”

16. “The man in the closet organizer! I am fixing up my kid’s closet, looked down, saw this, and almost fell off the ladder!”

17. “My package arrived empty, they offered me a new item if I sent the other back in less than 30 days. That might be a problem.”

18. “Cursed age restrictions”

19. “Made me smile.”

20. “2 suspicious characters were parked at Gelsons yesterday.”

What was the last unexpected thing that made you laugh?

Preview photo credit Punky-LookingKiddo/Reddit


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About to do some edge trimming in the garden. Looked up to see almost eye to eye hissing at me, while holding onto the stem of a flower was a tiny baby Blue tongue lizard just over an inch long. 😁 I cracked up laughing & backed up till he stopped hissing.
He made my day.
So big & tough..lol


the first one something similar had happened with the toilet but it was a pensil not a toy


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