15 Cute Things From Amazon That’ll Make You Burst With Joy

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Scientists have found that when you see something lovely, the brain releases hormones of joy and affection. This is necessary for the survival of offspring. But it can also cheer you up!

We at Bright Side have run our own Amazon cuteness contest and have selected the best ones for you. Get ready to scream “aww” endlessly!

1. A double glass mug in the shape of a cat’s paw will keep your drink warm

Buy this glass on Amazon.

Great rating

Admire the small paw filled with milk or tea inside this cup. The double glass keeps the temperature steady for a very long time.

2. Adorable double wall mugs with kawaii animals inside

Buy these mugs on Amazon.

Popular pick

It’s not only cute, but also practical. The drink stays hot, but the mug doesn’t burn your hands. There’s a large selection of wonderful animals — just choose who is dearer to you!

3. A hot water bottle in a fluffy case will carefully warm you in the cold and relieve pain

Buy this hot water bottle on Amazon.

Recommended item

Just imagine that someone warmed up a place for you in advance. Soft and pleasant to the touch, the cover will protect you from getting burned and provide gentle warmth where you need it.

4. Humidifier with a cute floating kitten inside

Buy this humidifier on Amazon.

Amazon’s choice

Decorate your room and maintain the proper humidity levels. Charging via USB will allow you to do this anywhere — at home, at work, and even in the car. And by the way, it glows!

5. Mugs with adorable animals that will be waiting for you to drink your tea

Buy these mugs on Amazon.

Great buy

This ceramic mug has a whimsical surprise — when you get to the bottom of your coffee or tea, a baby animal will greet you inside. It’s dishwasher safe and microwave friendly.

6. A charming tiny succulent to hold your jewelry

Buy this jewelry holder on Amazon.

Best deal

Leave this ring dish in the bathroom or kitchen windowsill to collect your rings as you take a bath or cook. Put it on your nightstand or dresser to store your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches when you get ready for bed.

7. Desktop mini-trash can with a drawer to help promote cleanliness and order

Buy this trash can on Amazon.


Push-on design: mini desktop bin designed with a press lid, just push down and then put the trash into the desktop bin.

8. This mini chair for your phone will be a comfortable adjustable stand

Buy these mini chairs on Amazon.

Best value

This mini chair-shaped cell phone stand is designed with a triangular base. It’s super-stable and can easily support mobile phones in different sizes. The stand holds your phone in place to provide you with a comfortable view and help stabilize your posture, reducing neck and back strain.

9. Large selection of AirPods cases with cute prints

Buy this case on Amazon.

Most versatile

Compatible with AirPods 1 and 2. It allows you to use all the features of your AirPods charger without having to remove the case when you want to charge your earbuds.

10. This fluffy paw-shaped chair cushion will make your day softer and more pleasant.

Buy this chair cushion on Amazon.

Our choice

The perfect chair for your computer desk or car. Reduces pressure on the coccyx and brings comfort to the working day. And that’s not counting the cute look!

11. The kitten that clings to the air vent will hold your phone in the car.

Buy this phone holder on Amazon.

Most usable

Easy to set up, this adorable kitty will hold your gadget securely, even on bumpy roads. The hinge rotates 360 degrees and easily changes position from horizontal to vertical.

12. A unicorn-shaped flash drive for the most precious data to your heart

Buy this flash memory card on Amazon.

Profitable purchase

Not only cute, but also useful! The waterproof, shockproof magnetic case keeps your data safe. A large selection of figurines and a different amount of memory to choose from.

13. Wireless computer mouse in the shape of a lovable hamster

Buy this computer mouse on Amazon.

Great gift

The creative hamster shape adds fun to the typing experience. The left and right buttons are located on the ears, and the scroll wheel is located on the top of the head. It also has a quieter, lighter click that lets you focus on your work without disturbing others.

14. Ergonomic cat paw mouse pad with wrist support

Buy this mouse pad on Amazon.

Top reviews

The ergonomic design relieves the pressure on your wrist. This mouse pad with wrist rest is soft and elastic, bringing you a massage-like experience.

15. A pink bunny holds your writing utensils in its mouth

Buy this pen holder on Amazon.

Editor’s choice

Use this cutie for whatever you want. Store pens, makeup brushes, or even plant a flower in it.

What is the cutest thing in your house? Things, pets, babies? Share a photo with us!

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