19 People Asked to Change Their Looks in Photoshop, and Our Designers Did a Great Job

3 years ago

Modern fashion dictates its own rules. And they apply not only to clothing but also to makeup and even facial features. The moment you open Instagram, you immediately start wishing for more fashionable cheekbones, lips, and eyebrows. And guys, of course, want to grow a thick beard. But you can never know if these trends actually suit you. But thanks to modern technology, you can apply these trendy features to yourself without ever wasting your time or going under the knife.

At Bright Side, we decided to undergo a curious experiment. We gave our volunteers’ photos to our professional designers. Each photo included the participants’ specific alteration requests but the results were still quite unexpected. And in the bonus section, we totally changed the look of one of our participants.

1. Paula

“I want to have pearly purple hair, plump lips, a small nose, and straight eyebrows.”

2. Irene

“I want to remove the wrinkles from around my nose and lips, to make my nose a bit smaller, and to see how I look like with blue eyes. I’ve never done anything like that in reality.”

3. Maria

“I want my chin to be longer so that it’s proportional to my face, I want to have flawless skin, green eyes with long eyelashes, and voluminous hair of a shade 2 to 3 times lighter than my natural color.”

4. Catherine

“I want to make my cheeks smaller so that I don’t look like a hamster. Also, I wouldn’t mind having sharper cheekbones and foxy eyes, like Bella Hadid’s.”

5. Irene

I think the original unphotoshopped version looks better, the other looks unnatural.


“I want my nose to be smaller and my eyes to be bigger.”

6. Bella

“I want to look at myself with a smaller nose and thicker eyebrows brushed upward.”

7. Ian

“I want to have a gorgeous beard.”

8. Anna

“I want to have my cheeks smaller, cheekbones sharper, a smoother jawline, and remove my droopy eyelids.”

9. Irene

“Please make my nose thinner, cheekbones higher, lips slightly plumper, and remove the bags from under my eyes.”

10. Olivia

“Try to make my face contour sharper and remove my double chin.”

11. Hope

“I dream of my nose being narrower and sharper and my lips plumper.”

12. Anna

“I want my facial features to be softer, my nose smaller, my eyes wider, and my lashes longer and thicker.”

13. Wesley

“I want to have brown eyes and dark hair.”

14. Una

“I want to remove the bags from under my eyes and the wrinkles from around my nose, to have my face contour smoother, and teeth whiter. Also, I want my eyes to be green and to have curly hair. I’ve never had them in reality.”

15. Daria

“I don’t want to change anything now. But once, I wanted to dye my hair black. I wonder how I’d look with it.”

16. Nick

“Please make my beard thicker, my eyes blue, and my nose a bit smaller.”

17. Anastasia

“I want to look at myself with my eyes blue and a narrower nose.”

18. Diana

“I want to see myself with snow-white veneers and prominent cheekbones.”

19. Julia

“I wonder how I would look with long blond hair and a smaller nose.”

Bonus: an extreme reinvention

“Let’s make my chin longer, my skin clearer, and my eyes green with thick lashes. Also, add a cute piercing on my right nostril, a small mole under my left eye, voluminous pink locks, and make my lips brighter.”

What would you change about your look? Or maybe you’re happy with the way you are now. Tell us in the comments below.


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It´s kinda sad how they are unsatisfied with how they look, and feel the need to look like a whole new person :( PS is like a virtual plastic surgeon.


Imo I think all of them look better as they are. Some of the hair & eye colour changes are nice but to me their features suit them, they're in proportion with the rest of their features. I dont think one of them looked better, prettier or more handsome with the "after" look, if anything the after look looked a bit odd.


I wanna try this tooo!!! Please give me the contact details.


Why would you make this article? They already look good as they are, and this might push insecurity onto others.


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