20+ Coincidences That Look More Like Matrix Glitches Than Reality

2 years ago

Some coincidences are so amazing that they are hard to believe. But they make us ecstatic, and we rush to take a picture, like, for example, when ducks line up in the same position or when someone wears the same outfits without planning it.

We at Bright Side have found photos online that show examples of crazy coincidences.

1. “His dinner plate matched my daughter’s top exactly.”

2. “Picture? What picture??”

3. “I found some candles at work today that matched my nails.”

4. “Found this bead while sweeping the floor, thought, ’Oh no, my bracelet broke,’ but nope, it’s perfectly fine.”

  • Could someone have borrowed the bracelet, broke it, and then replaced it without you knowing? That’s so strange. © slvrcofe21 / Reddit
  • Pretty much impossible, I’ve worn it basically 24/7 since I bought it, and whenever it’s not on my wrist, it’s beside me on a table or counter while cooking/showering. © missm**n / Reddit

5. “My gym teacher and I were matching by accident today.”

6. Almost a perfect match

7. “A couch at a thrift store matched my coat.”

8. “Toasting some sesame seeds and when I stopped swirling the pan, Pac-Man appeared.”

9. “I coincidentally walked at the right time of day for the railing shadow to match the path divider.”

10. “My friend’s outfit exactly matched my coffee cup today.”

11. The way the lines match up

12. “Got a comfy rug for my dog”

13. “Numbers match on the sign and the order number. What are the odds?”

14. “My friend just bought a house and didn’t think his sectional would fit in the new living room...”

15. “My mother-in-law’s outfit accidentally matches the restaurant’s flooring.”

16. A bathroom at a restaurant

17. “I found the piece on the right on a Norfolk beach in August, and the piece on the left on the same beach 2 days ago!”

18. “Today, my friend accidentally dressed like a mannequin at the street market.”

19. These 3 cars parked like a stoplight.

20. “Couldn’t find my shirt this morning.”

21. Looks like a Matrix glitch.

22. Such a long cat!

23. “Wrapped a gift and accidentally lined up the cut-off edge perfectly.”

24. “Slippers matched the Airbnb rug.”

25. “I just cut 2 different peppers and they match each other. The result is really satisfying.”

26. "Who’s there?

What unusual coincidence happened to you that you can remember?

Preview photo credit missm**n / Reddit


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