16 random items you’ll grow an obsession with

2 months ago

Have you ever seen an item you thought was random but turned out to be pretty useful? This is the exact sentiment these 16 products serve while being extra catchy and intriguing. Give them a chance if you wish to spice up your interiors.

1. Stoneware pie bird that ensures excellent heat distribution for uniform browning and even cooking with no hot spots. The material is nonporous, non-reactive, scratch-resistant, and resists stains and flavor absorption. It is offered is various colors.

It offers unmatched thermal resistance for temperatures ranging from −9°F to 500°F. It is 100% safe to use in the freezer, oven, microwave, broiler, dishwasher, and with metal utensils.

Promising review:

  • These adorable little birds, really are functional, and help release steam, which could keep your top pie crust from crisping up. I am British, and my grandmother and mother always used them, when pie making. I have given them as gifts to my friends who love to bake, here in the U.S., and while they have been unfamiliar with the concept of pie funnels, they’ve used them and loved them. @Helen M. Davis

2. Sunset lamp projector that soothes your mood and helps people who are excessively stressed. Using the three primary colors of natural light and diodes to reflect the wonderful sunset and rainbow, it can transform your space and make it romantic.

The 1.5-meter long USB cable also comes with a switch. The LED light can be rotated 180 degrees so that you can freely adjust the angle. It can produce different lights from different angles, so as to bring different effects to your room.

Promising review:

  • The light is very lightweight, but sturdy. I was impressed by how bright the light is and how many color options it comes with. The remote is very easy to use, and the buttons are easily responsive.
    The only thing I thought was a downside is the fact is did not come with a wall block. I know it does not include one in the description and that companies are leaning away from including them, but that would be my only wish with this product. I have only used it for 4 days, so I cannot attest to the long-term quality, but as of right now I am genuinely impressed. @STP

3. Realistic fireplace log heater that provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet. It helps keep more natural humidity in the air without drying out the room’s air. The heater projects rolling flames onto the back of an existing fireplace.

Its flame effect can be operated with or without heat. The adjustable thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of your room. It also features a remote control with 2 AAA batteries. The heater comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Promising review:

  • One troublesome aspect of this or any electric fireplace is providing power. If the fireplace is to retain its ability to burn wood, getting electricity means likely running a cord. This can be unsightly and may present a trip hazard. There may be ways to safely get electricity into the fireplace, looking into this.
    Overall, this unit really does a nice job of emulating a natural fire, and puts out enough heat to take the edge off a cool room. @Bek

4. Portable keyboard that comes in various multicolor combinations. The colors are durable and will not fade easily. The buttons feel like you’re typing on a typewriter. You can connect all your devices to it, from phones, to iPads, and laptops.

It offers a 10-meter connectivity range and goes to auto-sleep when it stays unused for too long. It uses 2 AAA batteries and can be connected to a variety of brands, although some shortcut keys may not work on Apple devices.

Promising review:

  • My eyesight is bad, and I have «fat finger syndrome». So, this little keyboard came in very handy for typing, texting and everything in between. Also, very easy to use and the instructions for using other features (I.e. F4 key for emojis etc.) are very clear. I’m glad I bought this item. I’m also giving my daughter one for her birthday. @Amazon Customer

5. Mini donut maker that are very easy to decorate. Simply choose your preferred batter, fill the donut holes, and wait a few minutes for them to be ready. It prepares 7 donuts at a time, and the non-stick surface makes it super easy to clean.

The item comes with a recipe guide, featuring over combinations of cakes and glazes. Plug it in, wait until the light indicator goes off, and then add your batter. After you’re done, you can easily store it away.

Promising review:

  • I bought this donut maker because I really love to bake. I really like that this mini donut maker comes with a little recipe book. I followed some of the reviews regarding adding a cup extra of milk. Bad idea! I noticed that if I followed the recipe for the plain donuts and added 1-2 TBS of oil to the batter, the donuts come out real donut-like.
    Needless to say, I’m addicted to baking mini donuts now. They bake up so quick and taste SO good! DASH has never failed me yet as I also have an egg cooker, a griddle, and a toaster that gets used quite often! @Lindsay J

6. Mushroom kitchen funnel that helps you transfer liquid without dropping anything. Just put the stem of the funnel inside the bottleneck, flip the mushroom head up, and start pouring. To clean it, simply wash with soap and rinse with water.

You may also toss it in the dishwasher. It is BPA-free so your food and liquids are not at risk. It’s super easy to use whether you are at home, in the great outdoors, or wherever.

Promising review:

  • I bought this for my husband for Christmas last year b/c we needed a funnel anyway and this was adorable. It is absolutely adorable in person, fits easily in our kitchen drawer, and works great!! Not difficult to clean at all. My husband was absolutely ECSTATIC when he unwrapped this. If you need a funnel and like mushrooms or nature-y type things, this one if for you. @M. Jorges

7. Shoe and glove deodorizers that absorb moisture and deodorize your athletic gear. The refillable bags are made of non-synthetic minerals. They easily fit inside your accessories. To refill them, twist off the end cap and replace them every 3–6 months.

These are lightly scented with plant-based essential oils for a clean, fresh fragrance. They are all-natural and serve as a safe alternative to harsh chemical sprays since they don’t contain any synthetic ingredients.

Promising review:

  • We LOVE these. My son is a goalkeeper, and we used these for his gloves. They have really extended the life of his gloves. He has the stix attached to his soccer bag and puts it inside his gloves every time he is not wearing them. Keeps them from getting crushed inside his bag and keeps them smelling fresh. @jesskathrin

8. Singing pasta timer that helps you get your pasta right every single time. Simply boil the floating timer with your pasta and wait for him to sing the song that corresponds with your pasta shape’s cooking time. It’s great if you have a hard time getting pasta al dente.

When the noodles are al dente, the mafioso whistles fun songs from the saucepan: «That’s Amore» after 3 minutes, «The Godfather Theme» after 7 minutes, «Tarantella Napoletana» after 9 minutes and «Prisoners’ Choir» after 11 minutes.

Promising review:

  • I bought this for my husband, who can’t time pasta to save himself. I’m Sicilian, properly cooked pasta is essential. You drop ’Guido,’ I’ve named him, in a pot from the start and at about 9 minutes, music plays and yes, changes the longer in the pot.
    The Godfather theme is just a crack up. Yes, its accurate too. All you do is pour Guido out with the water in a strainer, (do not try to lift it out, too hot) rinse it off afterwards. The price is a bit steep but was worth it to get a laugh. And no undercooked pasta! @A.J.F.

9. Stanley Cup snack bowl that is designed to fit securely onto your tumbler, keeping your snacks within reach at all times. It’s perfect for any occasion, from home to cinema, games, or journeys. It is divided in 3 parts, which means you can combine different snacks.

The bowl is made of high quality materials, BPA free, safe and odorless, durable and reusable. After you clean and dry it, you can store it for next time. It seals tightly, is dust and splash proof.

Promising review:

  • This thing is one of the coolest, most useful contraptions. When I want to grab a few snacks from the kitchen and don’t want to bring several bags or bowls, this thing is right on time. I think things like this make the perfect universal gift for anyone, no matter how well you know them (granted that you know they have a tumbler cup). @Khristian Simone

10. Bear glass that is much more heat-resistant than normal glass thanks to the borosilicate material. It is eco-friendly and can withstand temperatures ranging from −4oF to 284oF. It can be used both at home for personal use and even at restaurants.

They are enforced with a 2-layer protection and keeps your fingers safe from high and low temperatures. You can always see the animal no matter what you pour inside the glass.

Promising review:

  • I bought this for my son, who is super picky about what he owns. He melted when he opened this. He loves this cup, and I felt the same once I saw it in person. Very fragile. Wouldn’t buy it for a small child.
    The perfect sophisticated «fun» gift to give someone who is a minimalist. Looks great on the shelf with all his other clear glasses also. @AnnieCakes

11. A brownie pan where every slice is an edge slice. It’s the only zigzag and sectioned brownie baking dish that adds two crispy, chewy, and perfectly crunchy edges to every single brownie. That’s because it allows the batter to spread evenly during baking.

It was first presented on Shark Tank and since then personalities like Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Cook’s Illustrated have all loved it. It’s been carefully crafted for heat to circulate around all edges.

Promising review:

  • I bought one of these about 18 months ago. It has transformed my brownies giving me all the chewy edges I want. I recommended them to friends and learned the pans were out of stock for awhile. When I saw they had come back in stock I bought another just in case something happens to my first one. I don’t ever want to bake brownies in anything else.
    Because of the «channels» and exposed sides baking times are faster in this pan so the first time you use it check a little early on your brownies. The pan is very easy to clean. Amazing pan, and the silicone plug effectively converts the pan into the perfect size for those of us with recipes for an 8×8 inch square pan. If you enjoy chewy edges on your brownies this is the pan to get. @Roslyn M. Stendahl

12. Snail soap dispenser that is made of high-quality plastic, is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. It can hold all kinds of shampoo, hand soap, shower gel, cleanser, and conditioner. It is very easy to disassemble, reuse, and clean.

Press the snail shell to get the lotion from the snail’s mouth. Adults can use it to decorate bathrooms and kitchens and make it so much more fun for kids to wash their hands.

Promising review:

  • I’ve got a forest themed bathroom and got this lil guy as an accent. Holds a decent amount of soap and pretty easy to refill. It’s lightweight plastic, so I was worried about durability, but I’ve had it for a few months now with no problems. All my friends have commented how cute it is. The only negative is it ’drools’ soap a little after use, but that’s typical for soap dispensers. @Sarah Seabass

13. Shower hair catcher that easily trap loose hairs. Swipe your fingers left through the bristles to trap the hair. Swipe right to remove the hair, and then dispose of it in the garbage can. Everyone will need this tool since most people lose quite a few hairs while in the shower.

The 3M adhesive strip easily attaches to every shower surface, including tile, glass, stone, wood, marble, granite, plastic, and ceramic. This tool is not made of single-use plastics. The packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Promising review:

  • Installment is the easiest thing in the world, and it’s such a cute little addition to my shower. This is more of a «me being dumb» thing, but you need to make sure you sort of bunch up any shed hairs you’re planning on discarding in it, otherwise they won’t properly catch.
    The only thing easier than installing it is cleaning it out. One swipe and you’re good to go. Personally, I like to wait until it’s all dry to do. There’s just something about wet hair that gives me the extra ick. @M. M.

14. Astronaut bookends that add a unique while keeping books organized and in place. They measure 7.4×3 x 5 inches and weigh nearly 2 pounds. They are handcrafted and hand painted from a high quality resin material. They won’t slip or cause scratches to your shelves.

They work great for heavy books but also hold CDs, DVDs, magazines, and video games. The resin gives them a truly unique and one-of-a-kind texture and look.

Promising review:

  • Love these bookends! Used them for my daughter’s baby shower. She is decorating the nursery with stars and moons and when we were looking for bookends these gave my daughter the biggest smile — so sold!
    We asked gift givers to give a book instead of a card so we could display them at the shower. Looked great! Many compliments! Expect more sales as a result! Also, a guest has a husband and son who work for NASA that she is going to get these for, so they are not just got kids! @Fiesty

15. Thor’s toolset that includes tools specializing in home repair and projects. The durable shell is designed to protect the tools. Each of the latter inside is crafted with precision. Not only is it a practical working companion, but also looks amazing as decor.

The tool set includes a hammer, tape measure, level, screwdriver, wrench, ratcheting wrench, and a utility knife among others. The handle is very wide and comfortable to grab since it’s made from TPR material.

Promising review:

  • It was a great gift for my teen son, who is getting into building things and helping fix things around the house. I was worried from some of the reviews, but when my son opened it, there was everything in the picture. He was beyond excited and it was his favorite. It was the talk of Christmas, and it was everyone’s favorite. @Jacquelyn Skiles

16. Collapsible cart that is ideal for transport in the service area, for shopping, for technicians, and for internal circulation of mail. It features a sturdy aluminum and plastic construction with maximum stability. Just by pushing a single button, it can be folded or unfolded within seconds.

As the upper loading area is approximately 130° foldable upwards, it allows for the transport of higher goods on the lower level. It also stands firm in the locked position thanks to the support stands.

Promising review:

  • I just received this cart and I love it already. I have my groceries delivered to my home, and I’m using this cart to transport heavy items from my food storage pantry room to my kitchen when needed. It’s very well-built and easy to assemble. I loaded it up with some heavy items and wheeled it right to the kitchen very easily, even around corners and other furniture.
    The wheels are amazing, it turns around very smoothly in tight spaces. I can store it underneath a folding table in the food pantry room without having to collapse it. This is so nice, and I’m sure will be one of my all-time favorite purchases. @S. Brooks

Sometimes products can be both fun and functional, solving many of your daily headaches. And since our motivation often suffers in this day and age, some items are meant to recharge our brains and restore our productivity.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.


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