22 Times Food Plating Made Visitors Want to Forget About the Dishes They Ordered

2 years ago

When a simple plate is not enough to express the creativity behind a culinary masterpiece, some restaurants go too far. We really can expect anything these days, like having our latte come in a toilet seat. A surprising twist is always fun and refreshing, but sometimes seeing how our order is presented can make us reluctant or even scared to dig into the meal no matter how hungry we are.

Bright Side is a fan of unusual situations that stretch the limits of our imagination. So we want to share some plating that will hopefully leave you as astonished and amused as we were.

1. ’’I’m gonna swing from the chandelier.’’

2. ’’It took over 5 minutes for them to get the pillow to hover. I nearly fell asleep.’’

3. ’’You could order Barbie meat at a Chinese hot pot restaurant my sis-in-law went to last night.’’

4. ’’Flattened chips due to the weight’’

5. ’’Our appetizer in a shoe — they refused my request to try it on or take it home.’’

6. ’’Venison cubes on a deer antler’’

7. ’’This jungle gym is supposed to be my salad.’’

8. ’’This charcuterie presentation — it’s funny because it’s an office party.’’

9. A masterpiece

10. ’’The Mexican restaurant I went to last night had enchiladas served on a shovel.’’

11. ’’My friend’s scallops arrived in half a tree.’’

12. Just a smoothie in a lamp...

13. ’’My pizza came on a floor tile.’’

14. ’’My entrée was served on a sunflower.’’

15. ’’My friend snapped her dessert in a tree.’’

16. ’’My mom’s dinner last night’’

17. ’’Want a fishbowl cocktail while still remaining classy? I present to you, suitcase bowl.’’

18. ’’A rose latte served in a toilet bowl’’

19. ’’How we were served a pork sandwich in Spain’’

20. ’’Creamy potatoes served in a wooden violin’’

21. ’’I ate a spooky charcuterie board.’’

22. ’’Tiramisu in a flower pot with a giant sprig of rosemary for maximum annoyance’’

Have you ever had a similar shocking situation with your food order? Do you think the traditional white dish is always the best way to serve food or do you prefer these types of surprising presentations?


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please...no food on shovels. or most of these. just plates and bowls!


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